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Blender compositing, keying and tracking demo

[10:30 sat,6.August 2011   by ]    

bildIf you the video looks likely to be already clear to many how it's done: First of 3D tracking, keying and then then added a 3-D space, which took over the camera of tracking data. The cool thing about this clip is that everything completely in the new Blender (ie current Tomato-Branch) has been created, so compositing, keying, and 3D tracking. Without additional software. And who does not want to believe it, the place here equal nor the making of as a time-lapse. We can already expect now wait to see the functions shown in the next official release.

Link more infos at bei vimeo.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blender Compositing-, Keying- und Tracking-Demo


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blender Compositing-, Keying- und Tracking-Demo

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