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Cinema graph animations: frontier between photo and video

[10:45 thu,6.October 2011   by ]    


An interesting update of an old technology: who knows not the small, blocky, more or less fun mini animations animated gifs in the form of find on any website. Through a twist to this old technology is now producing in spite of all restrictions on moving images, which look very up to date. The new format is called Cinema graph and consists of a large-format photo, of which only a small part is animated (and plays as a loop) and combines as advantages in the light embeddability into web pages (the image is ultimately just a gif) with the little memory requirements. This is made possible by the fact that moving gifs only a portion of an image and then the data can animate the entire image must be used only once. The animation itself, which is only a small image section, which are stored multiple times within the gifs must also then need only a little more space. · VV = 23163811 Beautiful examples are found in the fashion blog From Me To You, where the trend was also the beginning of its stylish point of departure - is more beautiful examples www.tripwiremagazine.com/2011/07/cinemagraphs.html one (here), here or here: filmmakeriq.com/2011/08/ 30-amazing-stanley-kubrick-cinema graphs / (40 Stanley Kubrick Cinema Graphs). The animations are quite expensive to manufacture because it is necessary to work with manually drawn masks - for example in Adobe www.tested.com/news/how-to-make-your-own-cinemagraphs-a-new-take- on-gifs/2253 / (Photoshop) or After Effects - is ideally based on a video. The beauty of Vernwendung (after Netzmasstäben) ancient technology: there is no plugin needed, the image is displayed in each nmoch such an old browser and the file sizes are extremely small compared with real video. Allerding also subject to the image of the worst limitation of gifs: 256 different colors can be used - they should therefore be minimized by filters, ideally to such a value so that it can not be known for ugly pixel effects of gifs. Graphs make good cinema from the limitations of a virtue, or one gnaz own style and develop her pictures in a very special atmosphere by the combination of still and moving image content.

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Cinemagraph Animationen: Grenzgänger zwischen Photo und Video


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Cinemagraph Animationen: Grenzgänger zwischen Photo und Video

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