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Digital in the Berlinale program: the curtain on vDSLRs and 3D

[17:01 fri,11.February 2011   by ]    


For years, at least half or even two thirds of independent films that were shown at the Berlinale are shot digitally - this year is no different. As always there to get an overview on www.netlounge-dv.de (the netLoungeDV). Interesting (if surprising in any way) is that in 2011 the first time DSLR-productions are represented. Over the four films we will report separately, but if anyone wants to see for yourself how the material makes up on the big screen, this would be the candidate: Off beat / Switzerland 2011 / Canon 5D (pre-interview) Halaw, Philippines 2010 / Canon 55D (pre-interview) www. arsenal-berlin.de/en/forum/program/hauptprogramm/state-of-violence.html (State of Violence) / South Africa / France 2010 / Canon 7D (Berlinale info) www.berlinale.de/de / program / berlinale_programm / datenblatt.php? film_id = 20116179 (Vampire) USA, Canada, 2011 / Canon 5D (Berlinale details) In one case, given moreover equipped with a Letus Adapter Canon Vixia HF11 compared to a DSLR the advantage, as the filmmaker in the short interview Bombay Beach said. Another film - Cheonggyecheon Medley - probably would have been shot with the Nikon D90, it would have been no shortage of money. Instead, a Canon GL-1 was used: "It turned out to be An appropriate format for the subject because the film is about a dying technology, and I consider" Cheonggyecheon Medley "one of the last DV films." Whether the latter is actually true will be seen in the next few years, but in fact there are a few exceptions, high-resolution formats in the rotation program. Red also has a firm place in the indie scene. Last but not least, have found some S3DS3D im Glossar erklärt Prduktion the way to the festival canvas. Led by Wim Wenders (Pina), a tribute to the 2009 late choreographer. Statements by Wenders as "the only way, including the dimension of space, could I trust (and not just presume) to bring Pinas dance theater in a form appropriate to the canvas" can at least pay us hope that there really is a interesting discussion taking place with the third dimension in the cinematic space. (We&ll report.) Roman Herzog for his documentary project Cave of Forgotten Dreams is also set to 3D. With economical light setting and hand-held camera, he has the old cave paintings of Chauvet Cave in southern France seem to put in motion. The movie The Mortician ("a dark urban noir" in the Panorama program) was shot rig with two Red cameras in an element Technica quasar. "It is a next generation 3D film, using 3D not as flashy trick, but as a subtle immersive dramatic tool," said the director - we are anxious to see if he can keep his promise ... If you prefer animated films: Les contes de la nuit is in competition, it connects in the program silhouette film technique with 3D. As always, a reference to the Berlinale Talent Campus, where there are some interesting events.

Link more infos at bei www.netloungedv.de

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bildslashCAM verlost 2x 1 Karte für den Talent Campus (Wim Wenders über Pina) bildDIY – Rebel-Taschen-Beleuchtung

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Digitales im Berlinale-Programm: Vorhang auf für vDSLRs und 3D

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