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Flight or Fake? Viral video blogs and CGI employs professionals

[14:15 thu,22.March 2012   by ]    

For controversial debates in the network provides again a YouTube clip - the video is to see a man who stands with large flapping wings like an albatross, and reportedly about 100 yards away flies. The flight apparatus is to consist of a converted kite surfing, which is powered by batteries powered motors. The fluegelhafte up and down motion is calculated from a unterstuetzem with Wii controllers Android smartphone and controlled ("For weeks I have been programming the HTC phone and the Wii remote to work together in order to let them flap my wings in the right movement "It means this in the blog ...) VY = GYW5G2kbrKk find out whether it is in the video is a fake, or whether it should be the Flying Dutchman Jarno Smeets actually succeeded, bird similar to the air, will increase in the relevant blogs for days more or less competently various approaches pursued. Based on the information provided on the website of the project construction plans will be charged if the entire physical approach as possible (analyzing the interplay of factors, weight, forces, power, etc.) be could, and, above all, the video is taken in all respects under the microscope, which in view of the compression due to poor image quality is not easy. As a stand especially suspicious of course, the two cuts shortly after takeoff and before landing in the eye ... But there are also traces of pixels possibly indicating keying, the Schattenwuerfe are conclusive? Is this authentic-looking camera shakeactually true or not but added kaschierend? And so on ... Gizmodo wanted to know exactly and has the CGI experts at Industrial Light & Magic asked for their estimates by - who enjoys the pixel-peeping should keep themselves informed of gizmodo.com/5895235/cgi-experts-say -flying-bird-man-is-fake (Reading) in any case only involved himself with the video (on Youtube, there are also other chips). Either way, this clip is quite an achievement, if not as technically skillful flying and luxury arrangement viral production: 2.3 million on view in three days you have to get well first ... PIC1 u003cimg src=

Bild zur Newsmeldung:

Link more infos at bei www.humanbirdwings.net

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Flug oder Fake? Viral-Video beschäftigt Blogs und CGI-Profis


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Flug oder Fake? Viral-Video beschäftigt Blogs und CGI-Profis

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