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Hyper Black Magic decks and get DNxHD QuickTime timecode

[12:22 mon,20.February 2012   by ]    

Hyper Hyper deck and deck shuttle studio can now also Avid DNxHDDNxHD im Glossar erklärt in a QuickTime container (formerly MXFMXF im Glossar erklärt only) record, which should increase the compatibility in many editing programs. Conversely, this step should also be free Avid codecs give a further boost, just not compensate for the opposite anyway Cineform and Apple's ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt lot of ground. About the HD-SDI recorder can now be triggered, ie the record button of the camera starts and stops now and the hyper-deck shot. Since not every camera uebertraegt the start-stop-flag Hyper deck can alternatively also watch over the rolling time code of the camera. Once this starts up and starts the Hyper deck. This feature seems to have been mainly for the Arri Alexa being included. The update is still beta, but available for free at

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Link more infos at bei blackmagic-design.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Blackmagic Hyperdecks bekommen Quicktime DNxHD sowie Timecode

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