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Kinect animated After Effects

[10:10 fri,17.February 2012   by ]    

bildMicrosoft's 3D motion sensor Kinect has indeed already experienced several new areas, but this is probably definitely not a mention on slashCAM worth: Victoria Nece described in this tutorial series, as it recorded Koerperbewegungen directly to 2D nodes for corresponding digital puppets in After Effects can be mapped. As always, before the result of hard work, which in this case, to have to rummage through various open source packages and installations. In return you can then clearly the more favorable Kinect module for using the 360 u200bu200b(€ 100), instead of expensive commercial PC version (250 €). It is expected that for the latter version will appear soon similar, but commercial buying solutions. Finally, the whole a pretty cool product into

Link more infos at bei victorianece.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Kinect animiert After Effects

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