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MPEG-7 standard will contain content-id for each image

[09:51 thu,13.May 2010   by ]    

NEC has announced that its content recognition technology in the MPEG-7 standard will be integrated, which means that each frame will have its own signature on the content-dependent. The aim is tampering or illegal copies of videos can be automatically detected and manually make the prospects of video unnecessarily. The technology will be able to NEC on a handelsueblichen PC 1000 hours of video in 1 second to check this - an assertion which seems, however, ventured alone from the data read rates of conventional hard drives something. It is argued how the algorithm is still useful if the material is initially going MPEG-7 image recompressed embeddeter including content IDs with a different codec - as an illegal copy on the net is mostly usual. MPEG-7 is in contrast to MPEG-1/2/4 no

Link more infos at bei www.pcauthority.com.au

deutsche Version dieser Seite: MPEG-7 Standard wird Inhalte-ID für jedes Bild enthalten


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: MPEG-7 Standard wird Inhalte-ID für jedes Bild enthalten

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