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Performance Capture: The Future of cinema?

[10:28 fri,29.January 2010   by ]    

The avatar used by James Cameron in performance capture is in his opinion the future of the art of acting: using this technique could be Will Smith at 75 still make action movies in which he looked so like now, said Cameron. The technology does not replace an actor, but even authorize. Cameron even goes so far as to say that performance capture what constitutes an actor who can capture up to 100% (ie completely). The setting of the Hollywood professional community to the issue of how serious "acting performance by capturing" is will in the forthcoming Academy Awards show: it wid rumored that (Zoe Saldana, who played performance by capturing the figure) of the warrior in Neytiri Avatar steered, will be nominated for an Oscar. By James Cameron put into circulation just photos (see below), stresses his attitude and his hopes for this Oscar. Against this noble breed of performance capture is in favor of the filmmakers and scholars Mark Harris Cameron's views in this essay. He estimates the performance capture technology (yet?) A far too crude to capture the whole theatrical performance, and looks more like a Neytiri CG (Computer Generated) character who was created by technicians and by an even better actor - and not an actor work, which was only further enhanced by technology. In his opinion, too many nuances in the transfer of facial expressions / expressions of the digital character is lost. The actors tend to correspond to virtual avatar puppeteers as they really the movie character "are." Explanation: Performance capture is a continuation of the motion capture used for some time, so the digitization of the exact movements of an actor, this is combined with the inclusion and analysis of facial expressions. Both together is used to create a digital character, whether in appearance relatively close to the original or completely different, lifelike and animate individually. Performance could capture, even if it is not yet perfect, good enough for now increasingly used for be, and represent a transitional stage to the Thespian, the perfect virtual actor. And from the perspective of the studios carries the possibility of the appearance of actors to capture and store, as well as accurately replicate these digital actors, including their facial expressions to great opportunities: finally the indefatigable, immortal star. An archive of accessible, virtual actors, including their typical gestures / facial expressions / movements, their live counterparts (or heirs) to each operation to be involved in a film - can be freely combined with each other, rendered usable in any drama courses, which was then (it's Paris in the 20s, in ancient Rome or Germany during World War II) ebefalls available digital form - which was lacking only the script, which then all together and animated ...

Link more infos at bei moosebaumer.tumblr.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Performance Capturing: Die Zukunft des Kinos?

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