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Red Giant has free Colorista brings light to the NAB

[16:31 thu,7.April 2011   by ]    

bildIn the announcement to the NAB-News from Red Giant found, among other things to point out that it will soon be a free light version of Colorista. This will be a simplified version of the popular grading plug-ins can share the data-CDL (color decision list) is intended. Since it is such a data-only primary color correction information, probably expected to much more interesting, secondary correction capabilities in this version are missing. Red Giant based on its public relations message, the choice of a free version so that certain things should really be free. This sounds very honorable, but in reality it seems rather like that for example in Premiere Pro is already a 3-Wheel GPU fix is ​​installed, which is sufficient for exactly such purposes. And other applications are bidding now no less. Only with all these programs can be color-looks not just replace by CDL. Colorista Free uses therefore obviously the CDLs indirectly to customer loyalty to their own products. It was Stu Maschwitz and indulged his cronies, while others try so no different. Otherwise, even Grider was gehieft to version 1.5. (Good for users who are too lazy to scripts). The Guru preset packs bring new motion graphics templates and film looks and a few effects for iPad / Pod / Phone are also presented yet. Mind you, and the latter at NAB!

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Red Giant bringt u.a. kostenloses Colorista Light zur NAB


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Red Giant bringt u.a. kostenloses Colorista Light zur NAB

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