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The next Avid Media Composer: 64-bit, 4K, and a new interface

[14:15 fri,15.July 2011   by ]    


At an event in the Warner Bros studios Avid a preview of the next version of Media Composer has been. The new interface does include a timeline window with tabs, which is similar to that of Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Avid but it stresses that can also be switched back to the old interface and that will be used (a clear dig at Apple) in the new version of Media Composer eliminated any functions. In addition, the new Media Composer in 64-bit work, contain higher resolutions of 4K and support, a 4:4:44:4:4 im Glossar erklärt DNxHDDNxHD im Glossar erklärt codec, and native 2K can handle (and may also support 7.1 audio - for all the presented features is still not clear whether they are definitely in the final version of the new Media Composer will be included). Furthermore, the collaboration of MC with are Pro Tools even closer and in the wake of the new openness of Avid's (across users and non-Avid hardware) support for external I / O hardware from third party providers such as AJA, Matrox, MOTU, Black Magic and Blue Fish 444 (all of whom were represented by their own booths at the event) is still growing. Quite the focus of the debate was about the new Final Cut Pro X: Avid sees make up a chance to land and assured of Apple's ever-continuous orientation towards the consumer market disappointed attending professional editors that they and their wishes in the center of Avid's interests are . Was supported by the insurance statement that Avid post production tools are the main source of income. Avid also distributed "Avid to Final Cut Pro user" DVDs and tried by his www.slashcam.de/news/single/Ein-Herz-fuer-Profis----Umsteigerangebote-fuer-Apple-9140. html (transition range), the disappointment of Final Cut Pro users to move to change.

Link more infos at bei www.postmagazine.com

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Der nächste Avid Media Composer: 64-Bit, 4K und ein neues Interface


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Der nächste Avid Media Composer: 64-Bit, 4K und ein neues Interface

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