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VLC Media Player 2.0 because

[15:32 sun,19.February 2012   by ]    

After about a month ago the Release Candidate is released , is now the final version of the open source VLC Media Player 2.0 ("Twoflower") was released for Windows, Linux and OS X. For video professionals particularly interesting is the support of pro-codecs such as ProRes 422ProRes 422 im Glossar erklärt, ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt 4444, DNxHDDNxHD im Glossar erklärt, JPEG2000 and H.264/AVC in 10 bit as well as subtitles EBU (STL), a new encoder and Dirac/VC-2 (Blackmagic DeckLink and Linear Systems), SDISDI im Glossar erklärt and HD-SDI card support (under Linux). The 64-bit version for Windows is not official yet - but may be in the form of a current builds here downloaded. The other new features include faster decoding onMulti-processor and mobile systems, as well as a graphics card, new filters (for example, anti-flicker, Debanding, grain, sepia, Denoising, new deinterlacing), an over redesigned Web interface, C64-SID support, support of. Ape metadata, improved MKV demuxer and Einbidnung new streaming protocols such as HLS and DASH. Works has also been translated yet Bedienoberflaeche the Windows and Mac versions (for example, the playback timeline scales now in full-screen mode to full screen width). PIC1 be true but now Blu-ray discs supported (the menus are still disabled), but can not integrate external code and keys to decode not be played with as a copy protection AACS and BD + discs privileged, so no commercial TV -ray discs. Not yet available,

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Link more infos at bei www.videolan.org

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: VLC Mediaplayer 2.0 ist da

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