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Walter Murch Essay about sound and film

[13:56 thu,17.January 2008   by ]    

This very interesting essay by Walter Murch, the sound editor and Oscargekrönten Cutter (including "The Godfather," "THX 1138", "Apocalypse Now" or "Cold Mountain") is about the relationship sound and images. Starting with our first sense impressions, the sounds which we use as embryos in the womb, and perceive the importance of silence, the discovery of the connection between seen and is the conscious realization of these possibilities when producing for film. The aim is not just slavishly sound dubbing the picture to be creative but irritations and ambiguities to create. Murch explained on the basis of video and sound examples of the famous helicopter attack in "Apocalypse Now" his philosophy of sound design: how it comes from a multitude of soundtracks the sound of the scene has mixed and what principles he followed.

Link more infos at bei www.transom.org

deutsche Version dieser Seite: Walter Murch Essay über Sound und Film

Szene aus Apocalypse Now


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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Walter Murch Essay über Sound und Film

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