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I have the following problem:

I have video footage on an Apple Final Cut on my PC / Mac - compatible external hard drive in. Mov - captured files. Now I failed the files (and the I can watch on my PC with VLC player) do not import into Adobe CS 3: Import files.

Is this normal? Do I need a codec for my CS 3, CS 3, or why can not process. Mov. If that is not normal, in what format should I capture the next time? S.Apple must capture and edit s.PC. Movies in 1080i HDV 50th

Thanks Schonmal

PS: Where's s.Program? My previous post deals with the fact that I can not capture on my third CS It is an "organized" version.


Antwort von r.p.television:

You must always install Quicktime on a PC. Otherwise you can within Premiere Of no. Movs
One thing which is free and you costs a maximum of five minutes.


Antwort von Macba:

Quicktime was installed, but does not work.

Is it because that Quicktime HDV codec does not exist for the PC version of Quicktime (see:

Other than that yes Converter eg video ReMaker.aspx? Type = GoogleAdWordsContent

However I then but the quality.

Good, if that's all right, to which format should I capture the next time (MITM Mac)? AVI?


Antwort von Alf_300:

The ProRes codec for Windows Gibts synonymous


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