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Mandatory vaccination for Netflix film productions

bildNetflix has become the first major Hollywood film studio to make vaccinations mandatory for all actors involved in its film productions in the US. The vaccination requirement applies to the entire "A" zone and includes actors as well as production ...more

[14:47 thu,5.August 2021   by ]

Sony officially warns of permanent image sensor damage due to laser

bildSony has published an official warning about laser beams on its support pages for the first time. It warns against pointing the lens of a camera directly at a laser beam, because otherwise the image sensor will be damaged and all pictures taken with ...more

[10:25 thu,5.August 2021   by ]

Apple Mac Pro: New graphics card modules with up to 4 AMD Radeon Pro W6800X GPUs with 128 GB VRAM

bildApple has unveiled three new high-end graphics card modules for its latest Mac Pro workstations that give professional users with enough money on the high side of graphics card-intensive applications like Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro or ...more

[15:59 wed,4.August 2021   by ]

Canon publishes financial results - strong EOS R5/R6 sales

bildPositive financial news from the imaging industry has become rare in recent years, as the sector is known to be shrinking after the highs that consumer digital cameras initially brought with them, now that they are largely being replaced by ...more

[09:38 wed,4.August 2021   by ]

Samsung builds virtual movie studio with 1,000

bildSamsung will use its Micro LED technology The Wall to build a virtual film set for the South Korean film studio CJ ENM (known for, among others, the Oscar winner "Parasite"). The main display will have an oval shape with a diameter of 20 meters and ...more

[16:38 tue,3.August 2021   by ]

Canon releases firmware updates for Canon EOS C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II

bildUsers of the Canon EOS C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II had to wait a bit longer for the announced firmware versions than C70 users, but now the corresponding downloads are also available for them. What the larger updates bring everything in ...more

[14:35 tue,3.August 2021   by ]

Intel leak: Thunderbolt 5 will be twice as fast as Thunderbolt 4

bildGregory M. Bryant, Intel'amp;s executive vice president and general manager of Intel'amp;s Client Computing Group, accidentally revealed information about the yet-to-be-released new Thunderbolt 5 standard in a photo posted on Twitter during a tour ...more

[12:08 tue,3.August 2021   by ]

AJA Desktop Software and SDK v16.1 with native support for Apple M1

bildAJA Video Systems today released desktop software v16.1 for its KONA, Io and T-TAP Pro products, and AJA SDK v16.1 for developer partners. Both versions now offer native support for the new Apple M1 SoC, as well as enhancements to optimize audio, ...more

[12:45 mon,2.August 2021   by ]

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF -- SUP 7.1 Beta brings an anamorphic 2.8K LF 1:1 - 2.8K format

bildFor its ALEXA Mini LF, ARRI provides the new SUP 7.1 beta firmware, which offers, among other things, the new 2.8K LF 1:1 - 2.8K recording format for anamorphic productions. Both ARRIRAW and Apple ProResProRes im Glossar erklärt are supported, and the maximum frame rate is ...more

[11:01 mon,2.August 2021   by ]

AOC: New ultra-wide 49

bildAOC has rebranded its entire gaming segment as AGON by AOC, and as part of this promotion, has unveiled no less than 8 new AGON monitors in 49", 34", 31.5", 27" and 24.5" sizes. The new top models are the two ultra-wide 49 inchers AG493UCX2 and ...more

[15:32 sun,1.August 2021   by ]

DoP Agnès Godard about her camera work

bildWhen DoPs talk about their work, the magic of film seems within reach -- what's in front of the camera they transform into images. This transformation, however, can be quite different, depending on what technique is used in the process. This in turn ...more

[06:35 sun,1.August 2021   by ]

LumaFusion 3.0 is here: video stabilization, audio EQ and support for external drives

bildLumaTouch has now released the announced in May new major version of its popular LumaFusion semi-professional video editing app for iPhones and iPads. The new version LumaFusion 3.0 and brings many new features such as a video stabilization, a new ...more

[10:03 sat,31.July 2021   by ]

Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K: UltraHD live streaming from SDI to via USB, Ethernet, or cellular

bildBlackmagic has introduced the Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K, a new model in its Web Presenter family, in addition to the new Studio Camera 4K Plus / 4K Pro and HyperDeck Studio Recorders. :Blackmagic Web Presenter 4K Blackmagic's Web Presenters ...more

[18:01 fri,30.July 2021   by ]

New Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Recorders Record H.264, ProRes and DNx

bildBlackmagic Design is expanding its HyperDeck line of recorders with the new HyperDeck Studio product subfamily, which consists of four new recorder models with optimized design, expanded codecs and support for more media types, intended for ...more

[00:15 fri,30.July 2021   by ]
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