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ARRI adds four constant T2.8 zooms to Signature Large Format lens series

bildFollowing the successful introduction of the ARRI Signature fixed focal lengths, ARRI is now adding four zoom lenses to its portfolio of large format cine lenses, all of which offer a constant T2.8 and, together with the newly introduced 1.7x ...more

[13:35 fri,25.September 2020   by ]

Samsung 980 PRO PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD with up to 5,000 MB/s write speed

bildThe competition has been around for a while, but what lasts longer might be really good. Following this motto, Samsung has finally introduced PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs for consumers. The Samsung 980 PRO was already introduced at the CES 2020 and should ...more

[09:11 fri,25.September 2020   by ]

Metal lens turns flat piece of glass into a distortion-free 180° fisheye lens

bildResearchers at MIT have turned a single 1mm flat glass plate into a 180° fisheye lens. They have used the new metal lens technology, which has the potential to lead to great advances in optical technology. In contrast to traditional methods where ...more

[15:53 thu,24.September 2020   by ]

Canon Cinema EOS C70 - S35 RF mount with optional EF speed booster

bildCanon today introduces its first professional camera in the EOS Cinema series with RF- bayonet. As the name number suggests, the EOS C70 is rather placed in the lower segment of the Canon Cinema models. The C70 is also rather modest in size and ...more

[14:00 thu,24.September 2020   by ]

AI synchronizes lip movements with audio in real time

bildThe new DeepLearning Algorithm "Wav2Lip" of an Indian research team can match the lip movements of a speaker to the words from any audio recording. It beautifully demonstrates the continuous progress that machine learning technology is making, as ...more

[14:44 wed,23.September 2020   by ]

Two new Flexscan monitors with USB-C from Eizo: EV2795 and EV2495

bildEizo has introduced two new office monitors, both of which feature the advanced USB-C input and output, making them convenient for use in multi-monitor setups with only one cable in series. They also function as USB-C docking stations for notebooks ...more

[10:43 wed,23.September 2020   by ]

Seemless integration: Adobe Premiere Pro gets an Avid MediaCentral panel

bildAs an editor, you are often tied to the software environment of studios, broadcasters or agencies -- collaboration across program boundaries is usually cumbersome. A new plug-in will simplify workflows in October, giving Adobe Premiere Pro users ...more

[16:46 tue,22.September 2020   by ]

Cinema-EOS presentation and lectures at the Canon Vision

bildOn 24.9. Canon will present its next Cinema camera in a virtual in-house exhibition, the second one this year after the C300 Mark III. According to already rumors circulating for a longer time it will be the first Canon Cine-Camera with the new ...more

[14:17 tue,22.September 2020   by ]

Panasonic GH6 with 8K video and new AF system? - Panasonic confirms new GH model

bildYosuke Yamane, Director Imaging Business Unit, announced in his LUMIX Business Strategy video message a successor model for the GH series for video filmers. The decisive sentence here is: "Furthermore, we are developing a successor model to GH for ...more

[09:52 tue,22.September 2020   by ]

Adobe Premiere Rush - now also available as a Mobile Only subscription for 4.99 Dollar

bildA version of Adobe's mobile editing program Rush has been available for free for some time, but it was limited to 3 exports. Alternatively, Rush is available as a complete Creative Cloud subscription (57.99 Euro per month), as a Premiere Pro single ...more

[15:01 mon,21.September 2020   by ]

URSA Mini Pro 12K with enhanced frame rates

bildHardly anyone had the 12K resolution wonder of Blackmagic in their hands yet, when the Australians already announce a new firmware with enhanced frame rates. In 12K Cinemascope (2.4:1) the URSA Mini Pro 12K now achieves up to 75 fps, in 8K DCI 120 ...more

[12:28 mon,21.September 2020   by ]

Free Canon EOS Webcam Utility is now final

bildAlready in April Canon released a beta version of the EOS Webcam Utility, which allows the use of compatible Canon EOS or PowerShot cameras as a high quality webcam via USB with a Mac or PC. :Canon EOS R6 as Webcam via Utility An EOS camera ...more

[09:07 mon,21.September 2020   by ]

Online waveform editor without installation - AudioMass

bildThere are always moments when you just need a small audio editor to "tweak" an audio file. But in times of license subscriptions, the usual tool of choice might not be available on the required computer. In such cases, we are not the only ones to ...more

[14:45 sun,20.September 2020   by ]

Neural Compression to try out HiFiC- High-Fidelity Generative Image Compression

bildResearchers from ETH Zurich and Google have published a very interesting model for neural compression. Under the project title "High-Fidelity Generative Image Compression" or short HiFiC, a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) with (pre)learned ...more

[11:22 sun,20.September 2020   by ]
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