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FUJIFILM GFX25 - 6K medium format camera especially for filmmakers?

bildFuji Rumors has now learned from several reliable sources that FUJIFILM is planning to introduce a medium format camera aimed specifically at filmmakers. The GFX series has been serving the niche of digital medium format cameras for ...more

[10:52 Sat,9.December 2023   by ]

Use Fuji X-Mount lenses on Nikon Z-Mount (incl. AF): Boryoza FX-Z AF Lens Adapter

bildIt is said to be the flattest lens adapter with electronic support on the market: Chinese company Boryoza offers the FX-Nik Z adapter, an option for those who want to use Fujifim lenses on Nikon Z-mount cameras. In addition to autofocus ...more

[13:18 Fri,8.December 2023   by ]

MagicYUV 2.0.4 - fast intermediate codec in new version

bildWe last reported on MagicYUV at almost 6 years ago. However, the project is not dead, as the developer still seems to be working on the project or has decided to further develop the codec. According to the author, MagicYUV is one of the fastest, ...more

[09:25 Fri,8.December 2023   by ]

Meta Emu AI image generator - free online, but currently only in the USA

bildNot that the world is lacking in AI image generators - in addition to the best-known representatives such as Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion or Firefly, there are countless offshoots and services that are hard to keep track of. It is ...more

[15:12 Thu,7.December 2023   by ]

Tokina introduces vintage versions of the

bildTokina's large format portfolio of T1.5 Vista Prime cine lenses has enjoyed increasing popularity with DOPs since its introduction. A recent example is the very successful Ted Lasso production (Apple TV+), where the Tokina Vista Primes were used in ...more

[12:17 Thu,7.December 2023   by ]

New low-cost anamorphic lenses from China: Remus 1.5x Anamorphic (Fullframe) for less than 1000,- Euro

bildBlazar (formerly Great Joy) has introduced its "Remus" series of new full-frame anamorphic lenses (1.5x) at a remarkably low price. The set consisting of 45mm T2.0, 65mm T2.0 and 100mm T2.8 is currently available for 2,258.95, which results in ...more

[17:07 Wed,6.December 2023   by ]

SDXL-Turbo - New AI algorithm accelerates stable diffusion dramatically

bildWhen reporting on current advances in generative AI models, it is sometimes difficult not to use the term game changer. In the case of the current development progress of Stable Diffusion, it is even extremely difficult, because what the team from ...more

[09:05 Wed,6.December 2023   by ]

Panasonic G9II gets Blackmagic RAW and ProRes RAW recording via HDMI

bildIn the US, Panasonic seems to have already sent out a press release stating that the G9II will receive further interesting RAW video functions. According to this, a future firmware update 2.0 will enable both Blackmagic RAW and Apple's ProRes RAW ...more

[12:15 Tue,5.December 2023   by ]

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 18.6.4 Update - RAW SDK 3.6 and extended Scripting API

bildAnd there is another Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve update. New functions and bug fixes have been added to version 18.6.4. Specifically, these are: - Fresh support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 3.6. - New UI display for timelines with user-defined ...more

[09:55 Tue,5.December 2023   by ]

Filmic Pro - Team out of the race, horse still running

bildUntil a year ago, Filmic Pro was THE app that was considered practically indispensable for professional video work with a smartphone. But when the company was taken over by Bending Spoons, a lot changed very quickly. The new owner changed the ...more

[16:17 Mon,4.December 2023   by ]

Nikon Z8/Z9 soon with open gate anamorphic recording, new N-Log, 8.3K 120p burst ...?

bildRumors are circulating on the net about the alleged leak of the Nikon firmware roadmap for the two Nikon flagship cameras Nikon Z8 and Z9, according to which Nikon is planning a whole range of exciting video features for its full-frame cameras, ...more

[12:03 Mon,4.December 2023   by ]

AJA's Color Box receives RED certification

bildAJAs has announced that its popular Color Box is now officially certified to work with various RED cameras after an extensive testing phase. AJA's Color Box is very popular for DITs, on-set grading setups and live TV workflows. The RED workflow ...more

[15:43 Sun,3.December 2023   by ]

Team Group T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 - External USB-C SSD with mounting holes

bildThe Taiwanese storage provider Team Group has announced a new external SSD that could be exciting for professional video users. The somewhat awkwardly named "T-CREATE CinemaPr P31 Portable External SSD" can be screwed onto a cage thanks to the ...more

[23:01 Sat,2.December 2023   by ]

AnimateAnyone - Photo and animated pose results in video

bildSeveral videos are currently circulating in various AI groups that may represent another milestone in the generative AI video world. In short, the video is based on a new AI model that makes it possible to create an animated video from a still ...more

[14:24 Fri,1.December 2023   by ]
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