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Oscars 2023: Which cameras were used to shoot the nominated films?

bildThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has just announced the nominations for the 2023 Oscars, so it's time to take a closer look at the films selected for the film industry's most prestigious award, specifically the two categories "Best ...more

[10:25 Sun,29.January 2023   by ]

Future Filmmaker Awards 2023: Shortlist is final and here are the trailers ...

bildThe Sony Future Filmmaker Awards, founded by Creo and sponsored by Sony, is a comprehensively launched new annual awards program for short films that aims to support and promote independent filmmakers and creatives from around the world. The ...more

[09:42 Sat,28.January 2023   by ]

BRAW Toolbox - Blackmagic RAW Import in FCPX to be available on Monday

bildWe already had reported about the development two months ago, now it should be available from Monday: We are talking about the BRAW Toolbox by Australian developer Chris Hocking. :BRAW Toolbox Thanks to the freely available Blackmagic BRAW ...more

[13:14 Fri,27.January 2023   by ]

Have fun with NVIDIA's new eye contact effect: Robert De Niro looks you in the eye

bildWhat makes sense in teleconferencing, video chats or video podcasts, looks creepy in films: VFX specialist Daniel Hashimoto has found a new application for the eye contact AI effect just presented by Nvidia: he uses the effect that the direction of ...more

[11:32 Fri,27.January 2023   by ]

Canon develops 4K image sensor with 148 dB dynamic range (24 f-stops) - but not for filmmakers

bildA newly developed HDR image sensor from Canon is currently being talked about by various blogs as an upcoming miracle sensor that will catapult the dynamic range of still and cine cameras to unimagined heights. While Canon's touted ...more

[16:14 Thu,26.January 2023   by ]

Portable Samsung T7 Shield NVMe SSD now also with 4 TB

bildSamsung has released a new model in its T7 Shield range of rugged mobile SSD drives, offering the largest storage capacity of any Samsung portable consumer SSD to date at 4TB. The T7 Shield 4TB SSD offers read speeds of up to 1,050MB/s and write ...more

[10:27 Thu,26.January 2023   by ]

Magic Nodes: The Best of Both Worlds - Node Compositing in After Effects

bildThere are two major different workflows in compositing: layers as in Adobe After Effects and Apple'amp;s Motion and nodes as in Blackmagics Fusion and the high-end VFX solutions Nuke and Flame - both have their specific advantages and disadvantages. ...more

[18:37 Wed,25.January 2023   by ]

New NVIDIA Eye Contact AI Effect: Bye bye Teleprompter?

bildNVIDIA has released the new version 1.4 of its free "Broadcast" tool for livestreaming and video conferencing, which now brings the two interesting AI new GPU effects Eye Contact and Vignette. Since app developers can integrate all of the NVIDIA ...more

[11:06 Wed,25.January 2023   by ]

VEGAS 20 Update 2 brings numerous innovations plus discount promotion

bildThe second update for the video editing programme VEGAS (Windows) has just been released - it brings some new functions for faster editing, additional AI and colour correction tools as well as stability improvements. The new ONNX engine should make ...more

[18:21 Tue,24.January 2023   by ]

The total remix: New AI Tune-A-Video makes new videos from old clips

bildGoogle and Meta had already presented their text-to-video AIs a few months ago with Imagen and Make-a-Video - these work very similarly to the text-to-image AIs such as Stable Diffsion, Midjourney or DALL-E2, which are currently experiencing a boom: ...more

[13:07 Tue,24.January 2023   by ]

Big comparison test: upscaling via AI - which tool is best? Free or Paid?

bildUntil recently, the idea of ​​subsequently increasing the resolution of an image and thus making more image details visible would have been dismissed as impossible. Thanks to DeepLearning AI algorithms, this has been possible for several ...more

[17:13 Mon,23.January 2023   by ]

Asus ZenScreen: New mobile 16

bildIn addition to new desktop monitors from the ProArt and ROG series, Asus has also presented three new compact and portable ZenScreen displays at CES 2023, which are interesting for professional video editing, for example to increase the desktop area ...more

[11:41 Mon,23.January 2023   by ]

Small works of art: What was the best opening credits in 2022?

bildAt best, opening credits whet the appetite for the film to follow, arouse anticipation and set the mood for the filming pleasure to come; at worst, they are ignored or even lead to the next film being clicked on straight away if watched online. So ...more

[14:48 Sun,22.January 2023   by ]

Will 2023 be the year of innovative notebook displays?

bildThe product presentations at CES 2023 already give us a hint: the biggest innovations for laptops will take place in the field of display technology this year. There are improvements in several categories - not only are the displays getting bigger ...more

[10:56 Sun,22.January 2023   by ]
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