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Runway Gen-1 available- expensive AI video generator to get you started

bildAfter announcement of Gen-2 Runway has now released the first version Gen-1 of its AI video generator for everyone. So if you feel like spicing up your videos with some AI imagination, you can try it out now via Runway's web service. You don't ...more

[10:36 Tue,28.March 2023   by ]

This is what the AI-generated winning films of the Runway AI Film Festival look like

bildRunway ML, a service known for its online video editor with AI features, has just finished the world's first AI film festival. The 10 winning films, selected from hundreds of entries, can now finally be seen online and give a good impression of the ...more

[10:44 Mon,27.March 2023   by ]

Canon Eye Control AF in more Canon cameras in the future - also for video?

bildWe had already tried Canon's new Eye Control AF technology at our Canon EOS R3 field test and saw a lot of potential here. Now DPReview has published an interesting interview with Canon managers, in which it is clearly stated that Canon's Eye ...more

[10:20 Mon,27.March 2023   by ]

Faster and more durable than any SSD: the DDRAM disk with 15 GB/s read speed

bildCurrent NVMe SSDs, such as the Samsung 990 Pro, are extremely fast - but what if you need an even higher speed or want to perform very many write operations that wear out normal SSDs? An interesting solution is the DDRAM disk, which - as the name ...more

[10:34 Sun,26.March 2023   by ]

Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone - easy to use for podcasts & co

bildEspecially for streaming and podcast recording, Sennheiser has introduced a new USB microphone that is very easy to use. The microphone, christened Profile, simply needs to be connected to the computer or a tablet via USB-C before it is ...more

[10:59 Sat,25.March 2023   by ]

Animating facial expressions via iPhone - MetaHuman Animator for Unreal Engine

bildThere'amp;s a lot happening in the motion/performance capturing space right now - the latest news comes from Epic Games. For their MetaHuman Creator, with which photorealistic, digital human figures can be created, new possibilities were presented ...more

[16:09 Fri,24.March 2023   by ]

How to produce a SF clip in just 3h using AI tools

bildThe following short experimental video by designer Nick St. Pierre nicely demonstrates how AI tools can be used in the field of video. He used several different AI tools to produce the clip, namely ChatGPT, the image AI Midjourney as well as the (so ...more

[11:34 Fri,24.March 2023   by ]

Atomos Cloud Studio officially launches with subscriptions and live productions

bildToday, the Atomos Cloud Studio service will officially launch with full functionality - depending on the subscription option booked, live and remote productions can now also be carried out. In the course of this, all previous (test) accounts will be ...more

[11:39 Thu,23.March 2023   by ]

Microsoft with generative AI models for everyone in the browser - Bing Image Creator

bildCurrently, not a day goes by without at least one small AI revolution for generative image creation being released. But until recently, many of these tools were reserved for experimenting users who like to try out open source applications with the ...more

[11:27 Thu,23.March 2023   by ]

Blackmagic HyperDeck 8.3 update brings among other things recording and playback via network

bildBlackmagic has released a software update for users of the HyperDeck Extreme 4K HDR, HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR, and HyperDeck Shuttle HD models that now enables file recording and playback over networks, file search and transfer via HTTP and HTTPS, ...more

[16:08 Wed,22.March 2023   by ]


bildThe popular photography website DPReview.com (Digital Photography Review) will not live to see its 25th anniversary - parent company Amazon, which bought DPReview in 2007, has decided to shut down the site on April 10, 2023. Until then, camera ...more

[10:45 Wed,22.March 2023   by ]

Adobe announces Firefly: Generative AI models now directly from Adobe

bildAdobe has just announced Firefly. This is a new family of creative generative AI models that will initially focus on creating images and text effects. Firefly is part of a suite of upcoming Adobe Sensei generative AI services that will be offered ...more

[15:38 Tue,21.March 2023   by ]

Blackmagic releases free beginner's guide for DaVinci Resolve 18

bildBlackmagic has just released another of its free tutorials for DaVinci Resolve 18, and it's a beginner's guide. The English-language "Beginner's Guide To DaVinci Resolve 18," in the form of a 430-page PDF, is aimed at both new and existing users of ...more

[11:13 Tue,21.March 2023   by ]

Runway Gen2: New text-to-video AI from the Stable Diffusion creators

bildRunway Research, the company behind the image AI Stable Diffusion, has just announced the new video AI Runway Gen2, whose capabilities significantly exceed those of the first version (Runway Gen1). While this was still limited to changes to an ...more

[19:58 Mon,20.March 2023   by ]
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