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MacBook Air now with M3 - and new iPads this week?

bildIt was rumored in advance already rumored that Apple will present new products in the coming days without a special, major event. Now the first press releases have arrived to confirm the rumors: New MacBook Air models have just been unveiled, ...more

[15:11 Mon,4.March 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

„Unverfilmbarer“ Cyberpunk Roman „Neuromancer“ von W. Gibson kommt auf Apple TV+

bildAnyone who is a fan of William Gibson's cult cyberpunk novel "Neuromancer" will be eagerly awaiting the announced 10-part film adaptation on Apple TV+. Published in 1984, the novel has repeatedly been characterized as "unfilmable". With Skydance ...more

[12:06 Mon,4.March 2024   by Rob]

LTX Studio - is this what the AI film studio of the future will look like?

bild2024 looks set to be an important year for AI video - development seems to be accelerating all the time. But despite many interesting tools, the question of what a fully integrated AI video solution could look like that combines all tools such as ...more

[18:36 Sun,3.March 2024   by Thomas Richter]

FPV racing drone accelerates from 100 to 300 km/h in 2s

bildA flying camera, as fast as a Formula 1 car, produces unprecedented images of a racing car in motion - at speeds of up to 350 km/h, it tracks three-time Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen in an RB20 on the Silverstone circuit. -k RB stands ...more

[10:48 Sat,2.March 2024   by blip]

Adobe develops AI tool for generating and editing background music

bildThere are already several AI models that can be used to automatically generate background music for videos and the like based on text specifications (aka prompts) (e.g. MusicLM, Stable Audio, AudioDLM), but with little to no options for changing the ...more

[17:20 Fri,1.March 2024   by blip]

New 3D DVD reaches 200 TB storage capacity

bildOptical media have come a long way: from analog laser dics to CDs with 700 MB storage space, DVDs with up to 8.5 GB and the latest XL Blu-ray discs with up to 128 GB. This capacity is soon to be surpassed many times over, as Chinese researchers have ...more

[11:53 Fri,1.March 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Awakened still images - AI EMO makes portraits speak and sing

bildIn recent years, the field of AI image generation has seen remarkable progress, most recently based primarily on diffusion models. Models such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney owe their performance to extensive training with large-scale image data ...more

[15:04 Thu,29.February 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Samsung launches first 256GB SD Express microSD card with SSD performance

bildSamsung Electronics announced yesterday that it has begun sampling its first 256 gigabyte SD Express microSD card. With the launch of its next-generation microSD card series, Samsung aims to provide differentiated storage solutions required for ...more

[10:52 Thu,29.February 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Pika now creates Ki video clips with synchronized lips using Lip Sync

bildAfter the discussion about the effects of by Sora has not died down even after almost two weeks, we have often heard the objection that all this without sound is a demo, but still of no use. Even the dubbing solution from ElevenLabs only ...more

[12:51 Wed,28.February 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Leaked photos? Will DJI present its own cinema camera at NAB 2024?

bildThere are increasing rumours on the internet that DJI will present its own cine camera, which is to be positioned as a direct competitor to the Sony FX6, Canon EOS 70 etc.. They are talking about a DJI cine camera that will have all the functions of ...more

[13:25 Tue,27.February 2024   by Rob]

Vintage trend - Kodak Super 8 camera already sold out?

bildAnyone currently strolling through Berlin Mitte in the spring-like temperatures will no longer be surprised by the numerous analog SLR cameras carried around by hipsters. The unexpectedly high pre-orders of the FUJIFILM X100VI or, in a broader ...more

[12:02 Tue,27.February 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Xiaomi 14 Ultra - 1

bildXiaomi has updated its heavily camera-oriented flagship smartphone - the quad camera, which is built in collaboration with Leica, is brighter thanks to new lenses and a new 1" image sensor. However, the new sensor does not come from OmniVision (...more

[16:23 Mon,26.February 2024   by blip]

Golden Bear goes to the documentary film

bildThe Berlinale is in documentary fever: after last year's documentary film "Sur l'Adamant" by Nicolas Philibert, a documentary film was awarded the Golden Bear last year, this year's Berlinale Jury 2024 once again has a documentary film on the ...more

[13:07 Mon,26.February 2024   by Rob]

Sony PDT-FP1 portable data transmitter

bildAt first glance, the PDT-FP1 looks like a smartphone without the phone function. However, it is actually a portable data transmitter with an external viewfinder that enables low-latency live streaming and high-speed video and still image ...more

[11:45 Sun,25.February 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]
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