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Adobe shows AI tools to change facial expressions in videos - Project Morpheus

bildAlready at MAX 2021 Adobe showed an AI Sensei technology about which we have yet to report. Basically, it is a mix of features already known in the AI scene, but now as a demo already partially executable in Premiere... :Adobe's Project Morpheus ...more

[09:37 sat,4.December 2021   by ]

Canon: New 18

bildCanon has introduced the new 18.4" 4K HDR (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) DP-V1830 portable reference monitor for professionals, featuring 1,000 nits brightness and built-in HDR monitoring tools. Its a-Si TFT Active Matrix LCD panel supports 85% of the ...more

[14:03 fri,3.December 2021   by ]

Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm f/1.5 - newm, manual full-frame lens

bildZhong Yi introduces another portrait focal length -- the new Mitakon Speedmaster 90mm f/1.5 lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras offers a 27° angle of view and an apochromatic optical design consisting of 9 elements in 6 groups, including two ED ...more

[11:15 fri,3.December 2021   by ]

Neural Nano Optics -With Metamaterial Optics and AI to the Salt Grain Camera

bildIf you take a closer look at the development of smartphone cameras, you will see two opposing trends: on the one hand, the cameras initially became smaller and smaller compared to conventional cameras; on the other hand, the sensors installed have ...more

[15:26 thu,2.December 2021   by ]

Sony's professional

bildSony has announced the price and availability of its professional drone Airpeak S1, which was unveiled in June. As such, the Airpeak S1 will be available for pre-order starting Dec. 1, 2021, at a price of around ,000, and is expected to begin ...more

[11:42 thu,2.December 2021   by ]

Define video masks simply by description using new AI algorithm

bildThis new Deep Learning algorithm from a team in Israel does something very interesting for video editing: based on a simple description of an object in a video in the form of a short sentence, it recognizes the object and exposes it via mask. The ...more

[13:21 wed,1.December 2021   by ]

Sony stops production of Sony Alpha 7 II, Alpha 6100/6400 PXW-Z190 due to chip shortage

bildAccording to Sony, the current chip shortage caused by production stops due to the Corona virus is more serious than expected and is causing more and more cameras to be out of stock. In addition to Sony, other major camera manufacturers such as ...more

[10:35 wed,1.December 2021   by ]

AI calculates video clip from image sequence - ADOP

bildThis is not the first time that AI has been used to try to compute intermediate images from a sequence of images. However, the quality of ADOP (Approximate Differentiable One-Pixel Point Rendering) now achieved is so good that the paper made it into ...more

[11:59 tue,30.November 2021   by ]

Compact macro lens for fullframe - Laowa 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO

bildLaowa introduces what is said to be the most compact 2x macro lens for full-frame cameras - the 85mm f/5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO weighs just 259g. This is partly because the optics are not optimized for speed; the starting aperture is only f5.6. Since ...more

[09:17 tue,30.November 2021   by ]

Tascam Portacapture X8: Portable 8-track audio recorder with 4 x XLR and 32bit float

bildTascam has introduced the Portacapture X8, a portable 8-track (6+2) multi-audio recorder with two internal detachable microphones and four XLR/TRS inputs, targeting applications such as portable multi-track recording, podcasting, music recording, ...more

[17:49 mon,29.November 2021   by ]

AI now paints on word - Nvidia GauGan2

bildIt sounds like another milestone in the current rapid development of artificial intelligence. Nvidia's latest online AI app, GauGan2, can create photo-realistic images based on a textual description of a scene. For example, you tell the network ...more

[11:52 mon,29.November 2021   by ]

UPDATE 5: Black Week and Cyber Monady discount promotions especially for 2021 filmmakers.

bildThere are still quite a few Black Friday discount promotions valid and on the occasion of tomorrow's Cyber Monday, new ones have also been added, so we have expanded our big overview one last time with offers from Huawei, Notebooksbilliger, Sony ...more

[13:35 sun,28.November 2021   by ]

Dronut X1: The drone for indoors

bildA compact drone with a very special donut design has been unveiled by Boston-based company Cleo Robotics, the Dronut X1 (Dronut: Donut plus Drone). Very reminiscent of designs from science fiction movies, the drone is specifically designed for ...more

[09:58 sat,27.November 2021   by ]

4 new premium cine lenses from Samyang - XEEN Meister with T1.3 and an anamorphic lens

bildUnder its premium cine lens label XEEN, Samyang is launching the new XEEN Meister lineup of 35mm T1.3, 50mm T1.3 and 85mm T1.3 lenses, with an XEEN Anamorphic 50mm T2.3 also appearing. The lenses are said to be suitable for high-end digital film ...more

[14:13 fri,26.November 2021   by ]
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