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AMD'amp;s Strix Halo notebook APU - better than Apple'amp;s M3 Pro chip?

bildThree months ago, we were still complaining that CPU development in the PC sector was progressing more slowly than necessary. But now the specifications of the upcoming AMD APU Strix Halo, which incorporates many design elements of the Apple M3 Pro ...more

[14:05 Mon,22.April 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

SmallRig x Andyax: Creators Toolkit

bildAt the SmallRig booth at NAB, the new Creators Toolkit was on display - a waterproof case equipped with "essential" SmallRig tools on set for smaller productions. The new SmallRig Toolkit is the result of a cooperation with the Norwegian production ...more

[12:18 Mon,22.April 2024   by Rob]

New AI functions - CyberLink PowerDirector: Better cropping and selective pixelation of faces

bildWhen it comes to video effects, not many users have CyberLink as their first port of call, but that's precisely why we find it remarkable how ambitious this company has become in providing "AI effects for everyone". CyberLink's video editing ...more

[11:39 Sun,21.April 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

AJA announces numerous updates with new functions

bildAJA Video Systems has announced a series of several (free) updates at NAB 2024, which bring improvements to many of AJA's hardware and software solutions for broadcast, production, post-production, and AV professionals, specifically for the ...more

[13:14 Sat,20.April 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Tilta Khronos accessory system for the iPhone 15 Pro

bildTilta has specifically introduced the Khronos System for smartphone filmmakers, which allows the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) to be upgraded with a wide range of accessories for film shooting. Central to this is the new Khronos Cage for the iPhone, onto ...more

[11:01 Sat,20.April 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K explained: Dynamic range, monitoring setup ...

bildNo other Blackmagic Design camera has ever been able to deliver 16 stops of dynamic range. In addition, there are new assist monitoring functions, high frame rates and resolutions, new media and in/out options, a new 24V B-mount power concept and ...more

[11:37 Fri,19.April 2024   by Rob]

Angelbird MagSafe external recording modules - not just for iPhones

bildAt NAB, Angelbird presented two very interesting external "recording modules" for iPhones that are far more universally applicable. Of course, the name sounds deliberately like an external recorder, but they are actually "only" very compact, ...more

[11:21 Fri,19.April 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Sony introduces another wide angle zoom lens - FE 16-25mm F2.8 G

bildSony is expanding its E-mount lens range for full-frame Alpha with the portable FE 16-25mm F2.8 G wide-angle zoom lens. It offers a constant speed of F2.8 over the entire zoom range and harmonizes in terms of size and usability with the FE 24-50mm ...more

[15:48 Thu,18.April 2024   by blip]

Freefly Systems Ember S2.5K - high-speed camera for 25,000 US dollars

bildFreefly has been active in the field of high-speed cameras for some time now. The company's first wave camera was launched in 2020 and the Ember S5K, which was equipped with a global shutter sensor and could film at up to 600 FPS in 5K, arrived in ...more

[12:16 Thu,18.April 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Microsoft VASA-1 generates realistic video portraits from an audio file

bildA research group at Microsoft has unveiled a new AI framework called VASA-1 that enables the generation of lifelike, talking faces with strikingly appealing visual capabilities. The framework only requires a static image and a voice audio clip as ...more

[10:50 Thu,18.April 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Videointerview: Atomos NINJA PHONE explained

bildJeromy Young is back as CEO at Atomos and we caught up with him at NAB 2024 to get an in-depth look at Atomos& new NINJA PHONE, which packs a whole host of exciting features. If the NINJA PHONE works as explained here, iPhone users will have a ...more

[17:39 Wed,17.April 2024   by Rob]

Insta360 X4 360° action camera films in 8K

bildThe new Insta360 X4, 360° camera and action camera in one, brings several improvements over the X3, such as higher resolutions and frame rates as well as an interchangeable lens cover. The camera now offers surround recording in 8K at 30 fps, while ...more

[14:11 Wed,17.April 2024   by blip]

Western Digital Ultrastar Transporter: 368 TB in a briefcase

bildWestern Digital introduced new hardware at NAB, such as the world'amp;s first 4 TB SD card (...more

[11:22 Wed,17.April 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Video interview: Adobe Premiere Pro - the new AI functions explained

bildWe met Francis Crossman at the Adobe stand at NAB 2024 and asked him about the new AI functions in Adobe Premiere Pro. The result is a very informative clip including screen capturing, in which we present the new functions in a workshop-like manner. ...more

[15:41 Tue,16.April 2024   by Rob]
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