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Litepanels Gemini 2×1 Hard RGBWW LED Panel with 23,000 Lux

bildLitepanels has introduced the Gemini 2×1 Hard RGBWW LED Panel, a version of its Gemini 2x1 LED Soft Panel that is similar to it in all features but offers a much higher light output, up to 23,000 lux at a distance of three meters. :Litepanels ...more

[15:19 wed,18.May 2022   by ]

New ultra-wide-angle lens for the GH6 - LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7

bildPanasonic introduces a fast ultra-wide-angle prime lens for its LUMIX G series. The LEICA DG SUMMILUX 9mm F1.7 is KB-equivalent to an 18mm lens and comes with some optimizations for video operation. For example, autofocus is said to operate ...more

[11:16 wed,18.May 2022   by ]

GetOnSet - Hamburg film industry trains career changers

bildThe economy is not only suffering from a shortage of components, but also a lack of skilled workers - according to a new study, there are more than half a million vacancies without qualified applicants. A current pilot project in Hamburg shows that ...more

[16:29 tue,17.May 2022   by ]

DZOfilm Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 available for Super 35

bildSince the beginning of May, another Super 35 Pictor zoom lens is available from DZOfilm. It covers the (extreme) wide-angle range 14-30mm with a continuous max. speed of T2.8. :DZOfilm Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 The manual DZOfilm Pictor 14-30mm T2.8 is ...more

[10:44 tue,17.May 2022   by ]

New SanDisk Extreme Pro microSD and SD UHS-I memory cards: The fastest in the world right now

bildSanDisk has also announced a new Pro-Reader SD and microSD card reader along with its new Professional Pro-Blade SSD storage system, as well as two new Extreme Pro microSD and SD card series, which the manufacturer claims are the fastest UHS-I SD ...more

[16:38 mon,16.May 2022   by ]

Illuminated only by starlight: New AI algorithm denoises videos perfectly

bildIn order to record recognizable videos despite poor lighting conditions, the gain is increased - this makes each pixel more light-sensitive. However, this also increases the noise in each image: the brighter the image is made via gain, the more ...more

[12:44 mon,16.May 2022   by ]

SanDisk Professional Pro-Blade: Modular SSD storage system for cameras with USB-C Recording

bildWestern Digital hat für seine Marke SanDisk Professional das das modulare Speichersystem Pro-Blade vorgestellt, einer sehr schnellen SSD-basierten Speicherlösungen speziell für professionelle Workflows in der Filmproduktion. Es besteht aus mehreren ...more

[12:17 sun,15.May 2022   by ]

How to make your After Effects animations look better - 14 tips

bildIn motion design, the devil is often in the details - anyone who post-processes moving images has one more dimension to control compared to photo manipulation, i.e. time as well as space. After all, a composition often uses many images, clips and ...more

[12:01 sat,14.May 2022   by ]

Laowa Nanomorph 1.5x - anamorphic cine lenses for Super35

bildCompact, anamorphic lenses for a Super35 image circle will soon be offered by Venus Optics in advance on Indiegogo. The three fixed focal lengths, 50mm T2.4, 35mm T2.4 and 27mm T2.8, each feature a 1.5x compression factor, slightly more than the ...more

[15:42 fri,13.May 2022   by ]

Leica SL2-S firmware v3.0 enables external 4K RAW recording

bildThe new firmware version 3.0 is available for the Leica SL2-S full-frame mirrorless system camera, enabling the output of a Cine 4K RAW signal at up to 60 frames per second via HDMI to external recorders. This means that it is now possible to record ...more

[13:53 thu,12.May 2022   by ]

Adobe Premiere Pro Update 22.4 brings 10x faster 4:2:0 HEVC export

bildAdobe has just released the new version 22.4 of its video editing program Premiere Pro 22.4. The focus of the improvements in Premiere'amp;s May update is performance. For example, exporting 4:2:2 HEVC 10-bit video is now available for both Intel ...more

[10:10 thu,12.May 2022   by ]

Sony Xperia 1 IV smartphone offers optical 85-125 mm telephoto zoom via periscope for the first time

bildSony's Xperia smartphone lineup has always been strongly aimed at filmmakers with its camera-heavy features - including the freshly unveiled Sony Xperia 1 IV, which also features a periscope lens as a big innovation, and thus a true stepless optical ...more

[16:39 wed,11.May 2022   by ]

Viewsonic VP2776 ColorPro: 27

bildSpecifically for photo and video editing, Viewsonic has introduced the new VP2776 ColorPro, a 27" QHD monitor that not only has built-in color calibration, but also other handy features for professionals such as a foldable light-shielding hood and ...more

[10:15 wed,11.May 2022   by ]

DJI Mini 3 Pro: Pro features and up to 47 minutes flight time - but also more expensive

bildFinally, the new entry-level drone DJI Mini 3 Pro is here - a lot of info was already leaked, now the rumors about the different improvements compared to the previous generation are fortunately confirmed. So, for the first time, the new Mini model ...more

[16:02 tue,10.May 2022   by ]
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