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Sigma teases product launch for October 05th

bildThursday 05 October promises to be an interesting day for all Sigma (and presumably L-mount) users: Because Sigma Global announces a product launch for 05 October 5 PM JST (10:00 AM our time zone). The rumour mill speculates on a fast full-frame ...more

[15:02 Mon,2.October 2023   by ]

Can Chat GPT compress lossless images better than PNG?

bildWhat actually happens when you compress an image losslessly? To compress data, you have to find recurring patterns in the data. Then you can combine them to save memory. For example, instead of 10110 10110 10110, you write 3 x 10110. This usually ...more

[10:24 Mon,2.October 2023   by ]

Gpixel GCINE3243: 8K-S35 CMOS sensor with 60 fps and 14 bit

bildChinese company Gpixel announces the GCINE3243, its second sensor in the GCINE product series explicitly designed for video, cinematography as well as scenic drone use. The GCINE3243 is a 43-MP image sensor in APS-C/S35 format. It has a sensor ...more

[16:39 Sun,1.October 2023   by ]

New wireless microphones from Sony - ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S

bildThe ECM-W3 models are small microphones that can be clipped to a shirt, for example, and differ in the number of microphones and channels. The ECM-W3 model consists of one receiver and two microphones, while the ECM-W3S model consists of one ...more

[10:15 Sun,1.October 2023   by ]

Google shows AI-bulltet-time effect incl. slow motion, blur and stabilizer - DynIBaR

bildWe just released our current article about generative AI videos, and Google is already coming up with the next interesting AI project. Neural Dynamic Image-Based Rendering (short and cryptic: DynIBaR) is the name of a technique that makes it ...more

[08:29 Sat,30.September 2023   by ]

RED's high-end cine camera series V-Raptor gets face detection autofocus

bildRED has released a new beta firmware (1.6.1) for its V-Raptor cameras - V-Raptor XL 8K VV, V-Raptor XL 8K S35 and V-Raptorr 8K VV - with many new features. The most spectacular new feature is probably the implementation of Face Detection Autofocus. ...more

[11:02 Fri,29.September 2023   by ]

IMAX blockbuster The Creator shot with 5,000 Euro camera - Sony'amp;s FX3

bildAfter initial confusion, it has now been confirmed by several sources that the currently presented Hollywood blockbuster "The Creator" was filmed with a Sony FX3. This is all the more astonishing because it is even an IMAX film and the FX3 is really ...more

[14:57 Thu,28.September 2023   by ]

HeyGen Video Translate offers easy translation and dubbing of video clips

bildA new AI service that can translate videos into eight different languages, while also adjusting the lip movements of the speaker, has been making the rounds for a few days now. Basically, the thing is not new, but HeyGen Video Translate (still in ...more

[10:30 Thu,28.September 2023   by ]

Writers strike in Hollywood will end after almost 5 months

bildAs of Wednesday, work on screenplays will resume in Hollywood - after 148 days of strike, the screenwriters'amp; union (WGA) and the trade association AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) have finally reached a new agreement. ...more

[16:53 Wed,27.September 2023   by ]

Nikon introduces the

bildWith the new Nikkor Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena, Nikon now continues its tradition of optimised bokeh lenses for the Z system. In the Nikon SLR world, the AF DC-NIKKOR 135mm f/2 D was considered Nikon's sharpest 135mm protrait lens. Similar to its ...more

[11:02 Wed,27.September 2023   by ]

Videoclip: AJA Kona X High Performance I/O Board + HDR Image Analyzer explained

bildAJA has brought a whole range of exciting products to IBC 2023 - first and foremost its cross-platform Kona X I/O card, which has served as a reference for many years and has become even faster and, in addition to SDI, also has HDMI (including ...more

[14:14 Tue,26.September 2023   by ]

Blackmagic: New DeckLink 8K Pro Mini and Video Assist Update for Fujifilm GFX100 II

bildTwo smaller pieces of news from Blackmagic probably didn't make it to NAB 2023 in time - which is why Blackmagic is passing them along today (without a press release of their own about it): There is a new DeckLink 8K Pro Mini. This model is a ...more

[11:37 Tue,26.September 2023   by ]

DJI Mini 4 Pro unveiled with 4K 10bit, 100fps, OcuSync 4.0 and more

bildDJI today unveils the new DJI Mini 4 Pro - the ambitious entry-level model, weighing in at 249 grams, lands right back in the license-free (but not registration-exempt) C0 drone class, while bringing with it many of the features of the larger Air 3, ...more

[15:00 Mon,25.September 2023   by ]

Last Call - Final Spurt! The Nikon RAW Grading Contest ends on September 27th 2023 at 21h!

bildAfter many entries came in over the weekend, we just want to remind potential participants that the deadline for our Nikon RAW Grading Contest is already in the middle of this week. It's written in the terms and conditions, but the date might not ...more

[13:22 Mon,25.September 2023   by ]
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