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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta 5

bildBlackmagic Design continues to release new beta versions of its free grading, editing, compositing and audio mastering programme DaVinci Resolve (Studio) every 3 weeks and has just made the public beta 5 with many improvements available at download. ...more

[12:43 Wed,17.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Canon EOS R1 and R5 Mark II unveiled with DIGIC Accelerator and more

bildCanon is presenting two new top-of-the-range models for its EOS R system today - the EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II both bring improved autofocus capabilities and enhanced video support with 6K and 8K 60p RAW respectively, but are aimed at different user ...more

[12:05 Wed,17.July 2024   by blip]

Amazon Prime Day Deals - photo+video highlights

bildAmazon is celebrating its Prime Days today and tomorrow (July 16 and 17) - many products are being offered at a discount as part of the promotion. However, only to members, because ultimately the whole thing is not just a warehouse sale, but also a ...more

[16:57 Tue,16.July 2024   by blip]

Ryzen AI 300 - AMD's new notebook processors optimised for Resolve

bildAMD has now unveiled its long-awaited new mobile processor series. The AMD Ryzen AI 300 processors combine new Zen 5 CPU cores with RDNA 3.5 GPU cores and an XDNA 2 NPU for AI acceleration. The new integrated GPU Radeon 890M with up to 16 ...more

[11:55 Tue,16.July 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Liveportrait: New AI algorithm animates facial portraits via video

bildThe new AI algorithm "Liveportrait" by a Chinese research team is currently making the rounds on social media, as it enables the animation of images and videos of faces based on a video recording of a face. Thankfully, the researchers have not only ...more

[19:58 Mon,15.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

New video transmission system from DJI coming soon

bildDJI has announced an announcement for the 17th, under the motto "Conquer the field" something new is to come that somehow has to do with "SDR". However, the impatient don't have to puzzle over what that might be for so long, because as so often, ...more

[15:03 Mon,15.July 2024   by blip]

Anton/Bauer´s salt-based power solution Salt-E Dog wins several awards

bildLarge film shoots are traditionally powered by large, noisy diesel generators or, more modernly, by lithium-based battery solutions. Last year, Anton/Bauer presented the Salt-E Dog, the first power supply developed specifically for film and ...more

[11:05 Mon,15.July 2024   by blip]

Nikon Imaging Cloud for Z6 II offers firmware updates and image transfer

bildA free cloud service is now available for users of the new Nikon Z6 II. The Nikon Imaging Cloud can be used to download firmware updates directly to the camera, save images and download image profiles for special looks. We assume that the cloud ...more

[16:52 Sun,14.July 2024   by blip]

Shortverse - Internet portal now shows over 12,000 short films

bildBecause we are currently discussing in the forum topic whether and if so, for whom short films are actually worthwhile - here is a note for those interested: The Shortverse platform has been on the Internet since 2022, which boasts slightly ...more

[10:12 Sun,14.July 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Topaz Labs Video AI Pro offers multi-GPU upscaling up to 24K

bildTopaz has made a name for itself with AI-based tools for improving sub-optimal photos and video recordings - for example, Video AI can be used to scale material to higher resolutions, stabilize it retrospectively and also de-noise it. With Video AI ...more

[11:12 Sat,13.July 2024   by blip]

After Effects Clone without installation - online motion design and video editor

bildAs we all know, everything that can be realistically imagined will eventually be realised. But even we didn'amp;t expect a single motivated developer to programme a simple After Effects clone that works in the browser without installation. But ...more

[14:03 Fri,12.July 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Kling AI generates 10s sequences with some camera movement control

bildThe Chinese AI video generator Kling, which was launched in June, has been given a new web interface that can be used to generate clips. However, this is currently only possible if you have a Chinese telephone number for registration. It is ...more

[10:59 Fri,12.July 2024   by blip]

Odyssey: New video AI especially for Hollywood

bildWith Odyssey, another player enters the stage of generative video AIs. Odyssey is specifically aimed at filmmakers who want to use AI to realize their vision. The goal is to address the biggest shortcoming of current video AIs: the lack of control ...more

[16:55 Thu,11.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]

Nanlite FC PowerController: power supply, V-mount charger and controller

bildNanlite has introduced the new FC PowerController - a combination of power supply, V-mount charger, and control unit for lights from Nanlite's FC series. The device enables charging V-mount batteries as well as simultaneously serving as a wired ...more

[11:29 Thu,11.July 2024   by Thomas Richter]
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