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Tamron 50-300mm F/4.5-6.3 Di III VC VXD for Sony E

bildA new, compact 6x telephoto zoom lens has been released by Tamron, with an additional starting focal length of 50mm - according to the manufacturer, this is in response to an explicit customer request (the predecessor was 70-300mm). The 50-300mm ...more

[11:52 Sat,22.June 2024   by blip]

The Last Screenwriter - completely AI written screenplay made into a movie

bildHow good can a professionally produced movie be that was written entirely by ChatGPT? Swiss filmmaker Peter Luisi seeks the answer to this question in a wide-ranging self-experiment with The Last Screenwriter. The film's script began when he typed ...more

[18:45 Fri,21.June 2024   by blip]

Zhiyun Weebill 3E - camera gimbal with longer battery life

bildZhiyun is launching another version of its Weebill 3 one-handed gimbal - apart from a larger battery, however, the 3E has mainly lost some features. Compared to the 3S, the built-in microphone and the integrated fill light have been removed. The ...more

[09:48 Fri,21.June 2024   by blip]

These are the new Adobe CC Terms of Use with plain text explanations

bildAs announced, Adobe has now significantly revised its (American) terms of use - a first adjustment at the beginning of June had made waves, as many users misinterpreted the update to mean that Adobe would grant itself rights of use to the content ...more

[14:42 Thu,20.June 2024   by blip]

Google will generate soundscapes for AI videos (Video-to-Audio)

bildVery few AI video generators create clips including sound - to our knowledge, Pika with both dialog and Sound Effects is the only exception here, while OpenAI has even explicitly stated that audio generation is currently not a priority in ...more

[20:01 Wed,19.June 2024   by blip]

Microsoft and Qualcomm stumble to launch AI ARM Windows

bildThe embargo on new Windows notebooks with ARM processors officially ends today. At the same time, Microsoft wanted to use this date to celebrate the introduction of new AI functions, but now things seem to be getting mixed up. Microsoft is still ...more

[12:06 Wed,19.June 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Icon Pro Audio introduces the wireless AirMic Pro Smart Microphone System

bildThe audio specialist Icon Pro Audio has introduced the AirMic Pro, a new wireless smart microphone system that targets professionals. The system consists of two transmitters and a receiver, which communicate with each other up to a range of 250 ...more

[11:16 Tue,18.June 2024   by Thomas Richter]

First alpha of Runway Gen-3 presented - AI video generator on the way to becoming a world model

bildAfter SORA and Luma have caused quite a stir as SOTA models in recent days and months, one of the AI video pioneers is now speaking out. Runway was one of the first companies to make two AI video generators available online. And now, after Gen-1 and ...more

[17:09 Mon,17.June 2024   by Rudi Schmidts]

Nikon Z6III presented: Partially stacked 24.5 MP sensor, internal 6K RAW 60p recording, 5.7 MP viewfinder...

bildWith the Nikon Z6III, Nikon is expanding its full-frame DSLM portfolio with exciting new functions - especially for filmmakers - and is also giving the "new one" the currently highest-resolution viewfinder system of all Nikon DSLMs. The centrepiece ...more

[13:57 Mon,17.June 2024   by Rob]

AI makes Hollywood movies worse: The Abyss, Aliens and True Lies

bildJames Cameron recently released three of his most popular film classics (The Abyss (1989), Aliens (1986), and True Lies (1994)) in new UltraHD 4K quality on Blu-ray. However, instead of going the traditional route of rescanning the original ...more

[14:17 Sun,16.June 2024   by Thomas Richter]

New Laowa Argus T1 Cine Series, fast and rather wide-angle

bildVenusLens already offers some extremely fast lenses in its Laowa Argus series, and now an Argus Cine series is also being launched. It will comprise a total of eight T1 lenses, three of which are designed for full-frame sensors (28mm, 35mm and 45mm ...more

[09:43 Sun,16.June 2024   by blip]

AJA Ki Pro GO2: Multichannel HEVC/AVC recorder

bildAJA has expanded its popular series of Ki Pro ProRes, DNxHR, DNxHD, and H.265/H.264 recorders with another model, the GO2, which is an update of the Ki Pro Go introduced in 2019. The new AJA Ki Pro GO2 is a portable multi-channel HEVC/AVC recorder ...more

[16:23 Sat,15.June 2024   by Thomas Richter]

DZOfilm High-Speed lens series ARLES T1.4 arrives soon

bildDZOfilm is now launching the ARLES lens series shown at NAB at the end of June - it is characterized by its continuous "high-speed" T1.4 speed and covers an image circle of 46.5mm (Vista Vision). Initially, the five fixed focal lengths 25mm / 35mm / ...more

[18:42 Fri,14.June 2024   by blip]

Adobe terms of use to be updated again after user outcry

bildAdobe recently updated the terms of use for its Creative and Document Cloud tools, which caused a major stir in user circles. The update was widely interpreted as granting Adobe extensive rights to use the content created or edited with the tools. ...more

[13:18 Fri,14.June 2024   by blip]
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