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May 2024

AMD Radeon PRO W7900 with dual-slot design from July 29.May 2024
Save on the purchase of drones, cameras, and lenses from Panasonic, DJI, RØDE 29.May 2024
ZEISS CinCraft Scenario updated with templates for third party lenses 28.May 2024
Alphabet and Meta want to use Hollywood feature films as AI training data 28.May 2024
Summer 2024: Cashbacks and discounts on cameras and lenses from Canon, Laowa and Sigma 27.May 2024
SmallRig accessories for Panasonic S9: Retro half cases, cages and grips ... 27.May 2024
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Europe Live Tour 26.May 2024
Two new Laowa 4x OOOM cine zoom lenses available (MFT / S35) 25.May 2024
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta 3 is here 24.May 2024
Virtual figures with AI - Autodesk acquires makers of Wonder Studio 24.May 2024
Philips Evnia 49M2C8900L: Ultra-wide 49 23.May 2024
Nikon: 120 million Nikkor lenses produced 23.May 2024
Panasonic LUMIX S9 - Smallest 6K V-Log camera for €1,699 22.May 2024
Blackmagic DeckLink 8K Pro G2 - 8K with 4 x 12G-SDI and HDMI-2.1 22.May 2024
Scarlett Johansson critizises OpenAI - ChatGPT speaks like her 21.May 2024
Limited time special price for Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K - 1725 instead of 2800 Euro 21.May 2024
Fujifilm GFX and X cameras will support Content Credentials 20.May 2024
Netflix recommended monitors for color grading and more: iPad Pro the cheapest option? 19.May 2024
The rise and fall of GoPro 18.May 2024
SIGMA 24-70mm F2.8 DG DN II | Art for L- and E-mount - aperture ring and HLA-AF 17.May 2024
Sony Xperia 1 VI premium smartphone introduced with 85-170mm telephoto and AI functions 17.May 2024
FUJIFILM X-T50: Compact APS-C/S35 camera with 6.2K recording 16.May 2024
FUJIFILM GFX100S II: Stabilized 102 megapixels for 5,499 euros 16.May 2024
Google DeepMind Veo generates 1080p clips with improved consistency 15.May 2024
Canon announces EOS R1 flagship camera - also for filmmakers 15.May 2024
DisplayHDR is getting better - but chaos is looming 14.May 2024
Free AtomOS update brings SRT streaming and Fujifilm F-LOG2 14.May 2024
Laowa: New distortion-free super wide-angle lenses for DJI drones 13.May 2024
Windows AI laptops for the mass market - also from MediaTek and Nvidia from 2025 13.May 2024
The market for digital cameras is growing for the first time in 13 years 12.May 2024
RED cheaper than expected? Nikon takes over RED for just under 85 million dollars 11.May 2024
Updated SmallRig NP-F970 USB-C Rechargeable camera batteries 11.May 2024
Samyang introduces 1,7x anamorphic MF-Adapter for V-AF series, also 20mm T1,9 10.May 2024
SanDisk Desk Drive - external 4TB /8TB SSDs for backups 9.May 2024
Magix Video Pro X 16: Early update with more AI functions 8.May 2024
Simulon - Realistically insert 3D objects into videos 8.May 2024
Apple introduces new Final Cut Pro versions for Mac and iPad 7.May 2024
iPad Pro and Air - with OLED and M4 processor from 699 to 3,100 euros 7.May 2024
First trailer for Francis Ford Coppola's Megalopolis released 7.May 2024
Cooperation: Digitalschnittmesse and camgaroo film festival in ARRI-Kino 6.May 2024
Canon USA launches teaser campaign - EOS R5 MARK II about to be officially unveiled? 6.May 2024
Hollyland Pyro H 4K: HDMI video radio link transmits to up to four receivers 5.May 2024
DaVinci Resolve 19 Public-Beta 2 available for free download 3.May 2024
Windows 10 continues to gain market share over Windows 11 2.May 2024
Vidu - the Chinese answer to OpenAI Sora? 2.May 2024
Sony A9III Firmware Update 2.0: C2PA support, SFTP and more 1.May 2024


April 2024

Mini 4K - DJI'amp;s cheapest 4K/30p drone costs just 299 US-dollars 30.April 2024
Apple Vision Pro - already declining demand in the USA? 30.April 2024
DZOFILM gives first preview of high-speed lens series ARLES T1.4 Vista Vision 29.April 2024
Can AI-generated images, sounds and videos be used freely by anyone? 29.April 2024
New AOC Graphic Pro U3 monitor series for professionals 28.April 2024
Tentacle Sync Timebar: Timecode-Generator mit integriertem Display 28.April 2024
New Blackmagic Cloud Store Max storage solutions with 24 and 48 TB 27.April 2024
YouTube videos and AI - Interview with our own AI twin 26.April 2024
LVX AURORA VISTA Primes - Re-Housing and Vintage Tuning now also in Europe 26.April 2024
AJA: ColorBox 2.1 ACES Workflow and DRM2 for the DIT-Cart 25.April 2024
VideoGigaGAN - Adobe shows impressive Super Resolution process for moving images 25.April 2024
SmallRig 2024: Very fast Potato Jet tripod, VB212 battery and Universal Phone Cage 24.April 2024
DJI Power 500 and 1000: Mobile power stations with up to 1,024 Wh 24.April 2024
DaVinci Resolve 19: The new functions explained in detail 23.April 2024
More realistic and more details - Adobe Firefly Image 3 Model for Web and Photoshop 23.April 2024
Adobe Firefly AI now also available on mobile in new Express app 23.April 2024
Canon opens RF mount - First lenses from Sigma (18-50 mm f/2.8) and Tamron (11-20 mm f/2.8) 23.April 2024
AMD'amp;s Strix Halo notebook APU - better than Apple'amp;s M3 Pro chip? 22.April 2024
SmallRig x Andyax: Creators Toolkit 22.April 2024
New AI functions - CyberLink PowerDirector: Better cropping and selective pixelation of faces 21.April 2024
AJA announces numerous updates with new functions 20.April 2024
Tilta Khronos accessory system for the iPhone 15 Pro 20.April 2024
Blackmagic URSA Cine 12K explained: Dynamic range, monitoring setup ... 19.April 2024
Angelbird MagSafe external recording modules - not just for iPhones 19.April 2024
Sony introduces another wide angle zoom lens - FE 16-25mm F2.8 G 18.April 2024
Freefly Systems Ember S2.5K - high-speed camera for 25,000 US dollars 18.April 2024
Microsoft VASA-1 generates realistic video portraits from an audio file 18.April 2024
Videointerview: Atomos NINJA PHONE explained 17.April 2024
Insta360 X4 360° action camera films in 8K 17.April 2024
Western Digital Ultrastar Transporter: 368 TB in a briefcase 17.April 2024
Video interview: Adobe Premiere Pro - the new AI functions explained 16.April 2024
ASUS ProArt PA32KCX - 8K mini LED monitor with DisplayPort 2.1 16.April 2024
ARRI introduces Multicam-System ALEXA 35 Live 16.April 2024
Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 19 now also supports German 16.April 2024
Video interview: The new Blackmagic PIXIS 6K Box camera explained 15.April 2024
Adobe Firefly for Premiere Pro - Generative Extend, Object removal/addition 15.April 2024
Blackmagic Camera App also coming soon for (selected) Android smartphones 15.April 2024
Blackmagic Design lowers prices for all Video Assist 3G and 12G monitor recorders 15.April 2024
Western Digital introduces the world's first 4 TB SD card 15.April 2024
RED is now a Nikon subsidiary - and Jarred Land replaced 14.April 2024
Adobe pays users for videos to train its video AI 14.April 2024
Atomos Sun Dragon - 5-color HDR LED light strip with CRI99 light quality 14.April 2024
The URSA Cine 17K is to come with a 50mm wide sensor 13.April 2024
Blackmagic introduces new DaVinci Resolve Micro Color Panel for 495 Dollar 13.April 2024
Blackmagic PYXIS 6K: The Full Frame Box-Camera 13.April 2024
New Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 19 brings over 100 new features 12.April 2024
Atomos Ninja Phone turns iPhone 15 Pro/Max into an HDMI camera monitor/recorder 12.April 2024
EIZO ColorEdge Prominence CG1: New HDR reference monitor with uncompressed 12-bit 4K via HDMI 12.April 2024
AI music is coming - Udio generates deceptively real singing voices 12.April 2024
Update for free Blackmagic Camera App brings new features 12.April 2024
DJI Avata 2: Better camera, longer flight time and 10-bit D-Log-M color mode 11.April 2024
Update for VEGAS Pro 21 - text-based editing, smart AI masks and more 11.April 2024
New cine lens from Irix - 65mm T1.5 11.April 2024
AJA releases free Stream Deck plug-in for HELO Plus 10.April 2024
LUMIX S5II X firmware update brings proxies, Frame.io and more autofocus 10.April 2024
Aputure shows INFINIMAT RGB light mats and Sidus Link Pro 10.April 2024
Tokina Cinema expands its vintage T1.5 Vista-P series: 40, 65, 105 and 135mm 10.April 2024
Frame.io version 4 - complete redesign as a creative management platform 9.April 2024
DJI Focus Pro: Eigenständiges Autofokussystem per Laser jetzt für alle Kameras 9.April 2024
DJI introduces RS 4 and RS 4 Pro - improved (one-handed) gimbals 9.April 2024
Stable Audio 2.0 produces music for free using AI 9.April 2024
The Blackmagic countdown to NAB 2024 8.April 2024
What will AI video generators like Open AI Sora cost in commercial use? 8.April 2024
New Ärzte music video creates consistency through AI style 7.April 2024
LSST astro camera photographs with 3,200 megapixel resolution 6.April 2024
ARRI introduces L-Series Plus - advanced LED Fresnels 5.April 2024
Hamburg Photopia is being discontinued and will no longer take place in 2024 5.April 2024
NiSi Athena - three new cine lenses 4.April 2024
Sachtler updates Ace M / XL Mk II fluid heads 4.April 2024
DJI's FPV drone Avata 2 arrives on April 11 3.April 2024
Apple M3 Ultra - Monolithic design points to an M3 Extreme with UltraFusion 3.April 2024
LTX Studio promises almost fully automated production of AI videos 2.April 2024
AI generator Midjourney v7 brings personalized AI models, then 3D, then video 2.April 2024
New firmware for Canon EOS R5 and R3 1.April 2024


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