Infoseite // . mts files for Premiere CS3 make available (JVC Everio GZ X900 AVCHD)

Frage von haine:


I have recently started video with a JVC Everio GZ X900, and then s.PC noted that Premiere CS3, the files are not accepted. What can I do now to convert the files or change s.meinem premiere something, so I can edit it?

I've found through Google has methods to convert the. Mts files in P2 DVC PRO HD. In addition, I have the so-called "MainConcept AVCHD transcoder downloaded 2.1", there dens on the Panasonic Support site. Because of this transcoder for Panasonic cameras recorded files was made, I was given the advice to get me the Panasonic folder structure, with which I could then convert synonymous JVC files. Synonymous but it did not work.


Antwort von RickyMartini:

PPro dominated AVCHD only s.Version CS4. With Canopus Edius and it's HQ converter, however, can produce synonymous MPEG2 clips that can be used are synonymous in PPro.


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