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Frage von fufu.:

I'm with a simple program (Pivot Stick Figure Animator) created an animation and wanted to know how I can convert it into a video format.
The file is. "Pci", which tells me nothing and I can not find a program with which you can file them convert.
Perhaps one of you knows a solution.


Antwort von Stefan:

The direct conversion of PVI files to AVI / WMV I think is just not feasible.

I think you can save just after the animation as a series of numbered bitmaps and convert them into an AVI for example with VirtualDub.

The storage is where you give in pivot format (BMP) and basic name such test before. The program then generates test00.bmp, test01.bmp, ... until the end of the animation.

This sequence of frames can Virtualdub auto (1 picture per frame to load).

Merry Christmas
The fat Stefan


Antwort von fufu:

ah, thx, worked


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