Infoseite // . tod files of JVC Cam over Emtec N200 reflect?

Frage von laura09:

I have a JVC GZ-HD 30 Full-HD Cam. I wanted to save the files to an external hard drive and reflect on the Emtec N200 on the TV. The N200 can not read the captured files of the JVC. Not dead format.
They must be transformed - how and in what? And above all, then produces a quality loss? Definitely want to get the full HD quality.
Thanks for your help.


Antwort von kafkas33:

Hi laura, unfortunately, always eats the nen ptoblem with the cams jvc-s.besten you take nen reconversion program zb.winavi converter convertible your files to avi convert to the pay attention to the settings, so you can get the best targets


Antwort von Backgroundworld:

JVC's software is the sone of which thou reconversion files.
(at least the JVC GZ_HD40)


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