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Frage von artisthh:


I'm in DV editing relatively new and inexperienced.

I want to cut a variety of DVD. As the "Effects" I would like from my pictures, some moving Effects introduce.

As an example, could serve, for example, that a baptism was recorded and must be cut. Back to the top stop some of the titles and articles is initiated and followed by a short 3D sequences should be introduced, as one church in 3D (screensaver). Or flowers and and and

Wanted is holding a CD (DVD), where several such short 3D video sequences are available. The categorically divided as (weddings, sports, church, baptism and and and). So I just these short sequences with a simple insert into my project can burn.

How to call themselves such DVDs? (perhaps technical term available)
Where could I look?
Costs for such a collection?

Another example would be that all the films and thus the original DVDs as the first sequence always have advance Effect. Where the DVD logo from space shot comes, turns and and and :-))
Stop such sequences are searched.

I even cut with Pinnacle Studio.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

"artisthh" wrote: ....... Where the DVD logo from space shot comes, turns and and and :-))

LoL ... What I have to laugh ;-) Could I imagine Figuratively ......
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------

For your progi to cut gibts doch "Hollywood FX" but there are lots of transitions and so available.


Antwort von artisthh:

I am looking for is not synonymous transitions.

But video sequences.
(video templetes)


Antwort von cutaway:

Hello, look at this link



Antwort von artisthh:

@ cutaway
Danke Schön.
Did the Page already downloaded a lot.

I would be on more pages very pleased.
If you know a few pages. (vorallem wedding animations)
(Churches) (birthdays) etc.


Antwort von Lotosblüte:


Thanks again Cutaway synonymous of me because of the movie tools link. Are there other sites where you can very simply and without great register corresponding videos, background tools to download it?

I do not want to tinker myself. Be s.and s.den regarding material requirements of this beautiful movie loops as under tools. For example, in a preamble. Therefore for me the time of doing it yourself with appropriate software in any relationship.

I'm grateful for the links.



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