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Frage von Supe:

Hello Werker video!

I have today at the potter with 2.0 Appro again revealed three questions:

01. presets
Is it possible and if so how, that the (modified standard -) settings, which you find on a clip (part) applied, for example Movie Colors only 50% instead of 90%, and anspeichert again on another clip can be applied.

02. Aperture effect
When interviewed in talks tell longwinded, but front and rear s.Statement send something off value is, you cut the easy together. But the cut just to make it requires a bright Aperture - like a flash - for a milli-second.
How does it work? I did it with an additive already tried Aperture, but the effect achieved is not the same. Do you like the fast and unkomplziert going?

03. Sharpen
Normally I use for sharpening in APPro2 always "Unschaf mask" to sharpen after the clip. I like that not so true. Is there a better plug-ins or methods with better results?

Thanks for your answers!


Antwort von Wiro:

01. presets
Basics: The effect on the preferences window (changed) Effect right click, then you are all possibilities.

- Sets the default save Effect effect in the custom palette so that it would apply to all new projects z.Vfg. is

- Copy takes it to the clipboard. If he only referred to another clip, then highlight this effect and in the settings window right click> "Paste". If he applied to multiple clips, then all the clips and select Edit> Paste. Does everything synonymous with Shortcuts

- For advanced users: it can be synonymous Effects keyframe-controlled store or transmit to other clips. This can be determined whether the keyframes in the other clips as the original or treated (at different clip) to the current clip to be adjusted - a sophisticated system that certain rules in the priority of transmitted Effects follows. Manual under "Provisions for Effects adapt and save."

02. Aperture effect
A button "Aperture on White" does not exist. You have to create it themselves (with white space Auf-/Abblende in trace 2). Once created it can be included Auf-/Abblende via copy / paste to any other interface.

03. Sharpen
How about with "Blur and Sharpen> Sharpen cartoonist"?

Probably you have all that in the meantime found out ;-)
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Supe:

Wiro Hello!

Thank you for your detailed answers!
No, everything I have not found. That with the Sharpening satisfied me yet.
The Aperture, I create the same times, but something I had already thought of.

Thank you!


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