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Frage von Lukimoe:

Hi All,
I have a little (or synonymous large) problem:

I have to edit a series of video clips are available in 352x240 format.
Because we recognize that not really much of the subtitles, I create a sequence with the size 702x480, a video insert and resize the option to frame size "is applied.
The subtitles I then rebuilt on a larger video, so at least they are sharp.

So far so good, everything works quite well.

But if I use Aperture effects such as the soft Aperture
appear at the edge blend s.rechten red / green / magenta or cyan stripes (a few pixels).

When I Jezt example, a Title Slide for the 704x480 video to NTSC standard sequence then place it works fine.
(This of course on / cut)

The aperture effect is clearly apparent with the crooked Resolutionnicht.
(Pixels from the original ratio is 1.0 so I've taken over)
When I use the Aperture works in the original 352x240 video with the fine.

You know that / Do you know a solution for this?


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Kick 'each time a trial basis to blend clips each in its own sequence / timeline. These sequences / timelines you treat it in a new (master) sequence / timeline as if they were directly turnest video clips and the transitions there.

Change what?


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