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Frage von manniac:

When I was in Premiere CS4 (Windows) HD footage and a preview rendering of the editing timeline create ( "Render effects in work area), it appears at first as though the operation was successful (the affected area in the timeline with a green line marked). The preview monitor is only me but the yellow "Media Pending / Outstanding Media" screen appears.
Restart of bringing Premiere Calculator and no change.
In the sequence settings for the preview file format "MPEG I-Frame Only" is selected. Another choice I have not.

Preview rendering in a non-HD sequence to function without problems, however.

I have read that this "Media Pending" problem synonymous gecapturten the import of material, for example, when Premiere was suspended when indexing the data. In this case, probably only help with rebuilding the file. For me it is a different case - yes, I do not use capture files, and there are only the previews, which are not shown. As soon as I "Delete Files Render Work Area" select them, appears again the correct video.

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?


Antwort von dagger_pca:

Yes, I'll join, I have a similar problem. Had with
HDV material worked. Everything went so far, just because the PC's performance
very bad, I'm on the other PC with the hard drive, with the files
and the Project, but then came this message: / I'm back again, the
s.den hard drive first (laptop) connected to the same message,
although before that, was, to some extent.

So, I see the project with the timeline and the events are circumcised, but
just no content, just as in Avid with the "Media Offline" situation ...

Thank you for your attention!


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