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Frage von MikeRivle:

Hi Folks!

Hope I'm right here?

We are looking for someone who could build us an intro for a video game, because we can not do that but I wonder if after this time jemmand explained here berreit do this for us
(Synonymous if nothing had grosartiges) I know this is not the right forum to ask for such, but there are some familiar Perhaps in matters intro's, I do ask to create a look.

We are experts in a (still) strong force, the two men turned on the video games matters.

We've been in a movie crew, and even made some films, but by certain matters like fighting next and so we sold of this group and now we start something new.

A brief explanation to what is at stake here:
There were rotates around the video game play are rotated with different usBattlefield 2, Battlefield 1942 etc

We are looking to create jemmanden of us this could be a nice intro. Of course, synonymous get this stock removal in a thank you or if he / she would like to join with us he or she is Welcome!

Time to Intro: We heisen The Movie Coyote, my buddy here wants to have something like a coyote (through the Picture flitz And then our logo name) will appear. Another point here synonymous nor a good music to it.
or pretty much anything written with "The Movie Coyote presents ...".

here I hope to find what I have been seeking for some time, hoping for brisk responses

Mike mfg


Antwort von Acer:

why not use your editing program? AE is such a thing
Is it too complicated, "instruct strangers" to


Antwort von MikeRivle:

Well seeing as we thought before I build a new crew vlt interest because it has jemmand

And if you tell me what is AE?
I've already tried everything possible (movie maker etc) but I do not get the point this way: (that's why we are looking jemmanden


Antwort von Acer:

"MikeRivle" wrote: And if you tell me what is AE?

AE is A fter E ffects, and is, as the name implies,
"Effects program. It hangs together with Adobe Elements or Adobe Premiere (Pro), the special effects you can then import into the current Project.
I think you can import it into other synonymous Programs, look just relax on Adobe's website




Antwort von MikeRivle:

so that I can not do anything, it was not synonymous
habs have with movie maker etc, but trying is not the software so I ask here Maybe hatt ja jemmand what lußt make or join in so we do not know.
ps: but thank you for your reply


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