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 Das Ende einer Freundschaft

[Short Film] The End of a Friendship

Frage von zappel:

I recently had my first little video with a few friends rotated and would like to hear your opinions.
About constructive criticism and comments, I am pleased of course.

Title: The end eienr friendship
Duration: 3:00 min

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Visit times a group of AIDS patients and show your work there. (If you do not want to do, you ask me, why)

They are synonymous, then you might-explain what the difference between HIV positive and AIDS is the diagnosis, but it's not the main problem of your # # # # video is.

Also, I have nothing else good about the thing to report. Not even the fact that it is finished, can be described as positive.

Antwort von Axel:

A bit footling, the whole thing. What an idea is really behind?

Antwort von BananaDragon:

I must honestly say that the video has started quite well. But then, it was unfortunately a lot weaker. The story does towards the end but very ridiculous.

Would it show black humor? Is unfortunately not quite succeeded. But hey, just keep trying:)

Antwort von AndyZZ:

One must be careful that the Pointe mitkriegt. In itself amusing thought. Many are not jokes, but this kind Maybe it would have been another (treatable) disease such as gonorrhea synonymous done. Then the end would probably synonymous funny.
About certain things you just do not make jokes. Put yourself in the situation concerned, then you know why.
Also I felt the sound as much too quietly.

Antwort von zappel:

Schleich @ Michel: Yes you're right so that we only say, "Tim" has AIDS and afterwards he says he was tested positive. That does not fit completely.
Surely it's a sensitive issue, but I think we are still in the frame. It was definitely not our intention to hurt anyone or offend.
Each has its own humor. Gefällts one, the other not

@ Axel: I do not understand your question completely.
We wanted a little video shoot.
So one has of us sat down and a little "script" written. Whether the video now funny, shocking, repulsive or quite different effect, I think each person is on leave.

Banana @ Dragon: Yes should already be in the direction of black humor go.

@ AndyZZ: That was the beginning of us realized that not everyone will like this video.
I think if there is another disease would have been, for example, gonorrhea, it would raise very different need, but not what we wanted.
To the sound that we have for the first time with an external directional microphone + Tonangel rotated. I think there is still lacking the necessary sensitivity between the volume of the voice and the distance of the microphone.

Greeting fidgety

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"fidgety" wrote:
Each has its own humor. Gefällts one, the other not

I can not access remotely, such as the one "under" or even as a sense of humor, when someone wants to teach his friend that he had his wife with great probability with a very dangerous virus has infected, which is itself treated with medication Due of mutations only partially kept in check and can be sooner or later leads to death. Usually, this is painfully synonymous. This is clumsy, immature and testament of a shallow mind. It lacks not only s.Feingefühl at the microphone, but actually s.allen fronts.
"fidgety" wrote:

I think if there is another disease would have been, for example, gonorrhea, it would raise very different need, but not what we wanted.

Tut times not as if such a drama would be clever. No, that is totally wrong. In almost every respect. The Council of Banana Dragon, just keep trying, I can not agree.

Antwort von PowerMac:

1. Cut. More than shit. Only one camera. Almost no further cuts and if one comes, he is so wrong that I pulls together the sphincter.
2. Camera. Boring. Always just a setting. The camera is not working. The colors are awful, the room is ugly. They would rather make. Color correction, lighting?
3. Light. Is it not.
4. Script or plot. From the unequal error HIV AIDS apart are basically highlights and some tension because (body with the beer, place with the party). But the story is simply not worth the punch line is pretty stupid. The film will be black humor running through it creates for the content Error (HIV, AIDS), poor implementation and not the paper plates. The dialogues are too amateurish.
5. Sound. The only Good. The football chants are good. But that was probably indicative micro not much.
6. Acting. Almost s.besten yet. Nevertheless, just not good. You're not just an actor.
7. Staging. The title is not very suitable, the camera work is very bad, the dialogues played poorly. What the director has once again done? Beer or beer?

Had the film beginning of s.ne geile Camera with bold colors s.Anfang had, would the cuts so that they add to the atmosphere of the film would contribute and the spectacle of moderate and pointed, then the film would be much better. Yet the story is stupid and immature. Black humor? Time, a few funny British films to borrow and learn.

Antwort von BananaDragon (ohne log-in:

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:

The Council of Banana Dragon, just keep trying, I can not agree.

Why should they not? Everyone makes mistakes, especially s.Anfang. I will tonight, even my very first short film on place. Surely it will be as synonymous critics hail - thank God! Otherwise I could not improve.

Are they simply just because the film is bad is their hobby, or perhaps even abandon their dream? You just have to work hard and accept setbacks.

Unfortunately there is too much deskruktive and far too little constructive criticism.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Not again this constructive criticism, banter! Design is what you make of it himself. Substantive criticism and the arguments of personal Wirkungsperzeptionen are synonymous quail constructive. It is presumptuous, if any Depp constructive criticism may, the fact is nothing, if he has no idea. This is his well-intentioned, constructive criticism, but destructive. Furthermore, it is presumptuous to say, indirectly, their proposed solutions are really help it. And the effect of her can be a negative, ripping criticism, what is to be considered "destructive" means, often much more effective. Precisely because they aufrüttelt, thought provoking and stimulating.

Antwort von BananaDragon (ohne log-in:

I say yes does not mean that every one must act with kid gloves. It is synonymous but not absolutely necessary to say "This is shit!" and so to leave. DAS is destructive for me. If my man says "This is shit, but ..." and then showing ways, it is kontruktiv. And there can be so scathing criticism as something else.

Only to say that something is bad without any further thoughts / suggestions as to simply say nothing. But it is obviously much easier ...

Antwort von zappel:

something in advance:
We all have the first video rotated.
We are not professionals and do not want it to be synonymous.
Of course there are amateur actors just have fun s.Filmemachen.
I did not stop more than 5000 euro cameras and no fat Arri light kit.

I have unfortunately only ne HC46 and a small headlight.

On average: Okay he's improved, but as I said it is our first film.
Color correction: Yeah, I am now, unfortunately, not yet with busy, but take advice or links to articles to be happy.

@ PowerMac: No director has nothing to drink synonymous when it comes across for you so;)
And unfortunately, I have no geile Camera synonymous with bold colors, but perhaps you can yes the next time turning the camera to operate. :)

On the subject of constructive criticism:
Of course, my mustard to every issue, even though I have no idea of the matter, but of course this brings nix.
But this is still a film and video forum where everyone can bring. It does nothing for me if someone writes: "The film is shit." It would be better if he writes what he does not like such as "the cut is shit that I had in minutes x: xx made a cut, then close at ne XXX etc."
Surely, everyone has his own ideas, but basic things can already be addressed.

Greeting fidgety

PS And of course we do next.
Garkeine question.

Antwort von Hans Pans:

then do I want the tough times synonymous suspend criticism:

Antwort von PowerMac:

Witty, but the resolution on the shot fails fairly. Some cuts are synonymous with all sow. But funny.

Antwort von BananaDragon:


Antwort von Hans Pans:

Yes I know. Bin with the light in the house synonymous not happy, but we had it all s.einem day. Synonymous wanted some shots in the house but the team it was too expensive (NO production team), so all static camera. In addition, each scene was rotated only 2 times because it was not exactly at the cutting Choice. If a scene so scheiße was twice had to opt for the lesser of two evils decision. In some places we had to share soundtracks synonymous. Of course, there are a lot of synonymous to Anschlussfehler.Und Finally you can see in the car scene, top right and left it in a garage during the day was rotated.
But what is, basically, I am a happy debut.
Synonymous just wanted to know whether I will be mangled so synonymous. ;-)

Antwort von Hans Pans:

Thanks Dragon Banana

Antwort von PowerMac:

Nope, your movie is not synonymous scheisse.

Antwort von zappel:

What ne poor sausage. ;)
The film is not bad, just comes to me the man something to "fool" over.
Ne time HansPans question why did you actually do not own contribution drafted?

Greeting fidgety

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Right. If you eventually do. I'm afraid your movie will have something go.

Antwort von Hans Pans:

Yes, habs verpeilt. 'm through google rise to this thread and then simply have posted below. 've not noticed that there is a proper forum for their own projects.
then I post it again on its own.

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