Infoseite // "Stuck" when playing a DVD (burned with Pinnacle)

Frage von martha:


I have my Cuban wunnnnnnderschönen tourists who 49minüten film cut. Now I have the following problem:

s.ich did the film to MINI-DV secured, here the film has no trailers, no problems

b) I created 'but not the film on DVD to "capture" without being s.einigen simply lockup. He produced no malformations, but the DVD player is just not next - or it takes a good 30 seconds until the film goes on.

First I thought the DVD disc would be broken, but synonymous after 5 Attempt was no better.

What her type? Problem with PINNACLE (that would be nothing new), or maybe problems with the DVD player. I will in any event, the burned CD s.PC abszuspielen try that I have not tried ....

lg aus wien, martha


Antwort von Don-CB:

My first idea would be a defective DVD synonymous been - that I have often had, especially on RW media. Sowas can be avoided if one is burning very slowly, ie the speed to simply withdraw. At least, then for me the results are always satisfactory.

Should it not be, is probably an error in the coding, for example, too high a data stream for your player. Your players can visualize the data? How does your PC - usually have too high with the data streams, however, no problem.

Take a look to your DV Stream and use an external encoder such as TMpeg. Look if this problem has synonymous. Then this would indicate a problem in your editing software suggest.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Go with the times bitrate down or try to replace a variable times a constant bitrate.


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