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Frage von alb:

yes, I know, a very similar theme there's already at: =
Have synonymous placed there, my question - but without feedback. So here again separately:

I use Magix Video Deluxe 2008 with a SonyDCR-SR32E. The MPEG's, I prefer the hard drive and load them in Magix. Then come with me the following quality problems:

Magix bucking some film sequences (eg, a walker is not continuous but rather 'jumps' between positions), as later in MPEG Player.
b) cut scenes, in Magix 'clean' are presented, then the MPEG player (eg VLC) disturbed (eg, cuts slightly different set, etc.)
c) After a cut, the soundtrack is often not more synchronously to the Picture, which is very difficult to correct manually and is very annoying, makes it almost unusable.

Where's the known bug in Magix, but you possibly fix it, or what am I doing wrong? Can something possibly synonymous s.zu are weak hardware (NEN use older notebook) - but should that really zerhauen the film? Is there ne other software if necessary, recommended?


Antwort von C.I.W:

I've never noticed me. But why you disconnect synonymous audio of the video track? This makes sense only if you have a different sound like, not the O-sound ...
Cuts are with me on the frame feasible. Irgentwas You're wrong!


Antwort von alb:


I separate the two tracks is not so: as I reinlade - connected - I cut them synonymous and still move the soundtrack, although it continues with the video track will remain connected. Only I do to fix the connection between audio and video.

In the other thread above it but now suddenly next: it could be synonymous s.meinem / r calculator / are configured. Have you of problems with Magix due to the computer system used ever heard. Is there editing software so sensitive?


Antwort von exit:maria:

With MPEG, you can right click with mouse on the object "Frame Table Recalculate 'leave. Already tried? Often it is this.
I work only with DV-AVI.


Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Alb,

I must give my right speaker. MPEG is already compressed, and subsequently makes the cut again and again problems (incidentally, Magix no problem, but applies generally). If one value on a clean post, is still DV AVI standard, ie MiniDV cameras. Only in umkomprimierten material are in fact the information of each field contains. In the MPEG will have a very complicated calculation only changing the image content is stored, for example, while the background is "frozen" is. This will save a lot of space. For a clean finishing, it is important that information about each frame are available, because synonymous frame by frame and cut is mixed.

If you want to cut MPEG directly, so the program must be at every intersection to the first picture information of the respective frames are calculated and at the same time, on average, estimate work. This is a regular in the pants, especially if you still synonymous with color playing around ...

Now haste, but the salad and a hard disk camcorder s.Hals. To Magix cut at least something to relieve try your individual scenes first as DV-AVI to export cut and with the converted material. The files will be so again for Picture Picture "extrapolated" and for the average return for each complete frame information. Clearly, this is a "crutch" and synonymous leads to a (hopefully income) loss of quality, but I can imagine that this bucking could thus be eliminated. Kannst ja mal it with two scenes and a slice antesten previously.

Gruß Jörg


Antwort von alb:

Hi, thanks for your tips and hints. Joerg, your explanation sounds very plausible. In fact, I have now then the salad with the hard drive camcorder, the only MPEG stores. I will in any case give it a try, even with the "Frame Table recalculate" and then with the conversion of MPEG2AVI, editing of the AVI in Magix and then, if necessary conversion AVI2MPEG back for the DVD. Hopefully the latter is not too much on the recording quality. If the conversion using Magix ok, or can you recommend NEN Converter better?


Antwort von alb:

Is probably s.dem actually cutting into MPEG. Did the MPEG-scenes look at Magix's exported as AVI and then edit the AVI's: no more problems with transferees Picture and Sound! The conversion process is time-consuming, but perhaps I stumble again on NEN good program for batch conversion of MPEG to AVI files. NEN Do you tip?


Antwort von broesie:

Hi @ all

I have the problem thanks synonymous my SONY DCR-SR32 with the MPEGs.
I then always have the MPEG2, the Camera so produced is converted to MPEG1. This was with the editing with Magix actually worked quite well. Be it but in any case with AVI times out.

I have unfortunately only too late synonymous with getting the HDDCams really inappropriate. But I have now learned from our mistakes and white for my next camera better about it. I think for the 400 ¬ I would have a better MiniDV get: (

@ alb
Oh yes, your question with the conversion program.
I use the Total Video Converter. You can all movies there purely out, choose from, in what format and keep it all in a row and finished converting. Works very well.



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