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Frage von ingenuity:

hallo leute
I have just registered because I have finally found an appropriate forum for my work. we make a film of two (verfilmung of Woyzeck) and as a result of something special, we had the interpretation, full of ideas all in graustfung present, except Woyzeck. he is wearing something red (or blue or something that always synonymous), and just this color is represented truly synonymous in the actual color. So is eg all gray levels, up to his red hat, which is shown in red.
Now I wanted to ask, as I have with adobe premiere pro s.einfachsten realize? geht das überhaupt? or should we free ourselves of this idea? (for explanation: to s.schluss Woyzeck is not a part of the bad company, and therefore stands out (which is displayed in color), but s.schluss synonymous, he disappears into the gray mass)
mfg Ingenuity


Antwort von Wiro:

"Ingenuity" wrote: So is eg all gray levels, up to his red hat, which is shown red
Hello ingenuity,
filter for the image control> Color Matching is responsible.
You must make sure that the red hat in the rest of the picture no longer occurs.
Gruss Wiro


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