Infoseite // 100fps - 30min video has suddenly 7h length

Frage von Knobibrot:

I've tried a Photoshop video tutorial incorporated. (Software: CamStudio)
Here I have not noticed that 100fps for recording was not set.
After I was finished and the cut I wanted, I experienced an unpleasant surprise. Through the compression of DivX CamStudio is from the 30min video suddenly a monster 7stunden become.
My problem now is: How do I now again since 30min video out?
Because I do not want anything again.
Hab unfortunately on the search found nothing (if IRH what you found, I would be interested in looking after what you did.)

Schon mal danke!


Antwort von robbie:

If you already have with such an extremely lossy format such as Xvid or DivX cuts, one has already done something wrong.
Due to the complexity of its structure such a compression method may be synonymous obviously very easy to these problems, which are God knows where.
My tip would be: make again, and with normal DV-AVI or record.
Video tutorials are so überhaupt usually done in Flash output, or? And of Xvid / DivX to Flash I do not know how that looks ...


Antwort von Knobibrot:

Jain, Videotuts therefore be, in any case with CamStudio, first as a normal video and then converted to Flash.
For DivX, I've decided, since my free space is too small for DV was. The Qualli BTW is a Tut absolutely sufficient.


Antwort von Markus:

"Knobibrot" wrote: For DivX, I've decided, since my free space is too small for DV was.
You have the hardware s.die requirement to adapt and not vice versa. DivX may qualitatively insufficient for a tutorial, but for DV editing, it is not. And the cut coming before I finished, right?


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