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Frage von Sidewinder:


I have a problem with Premiere.

I have the following Camcorders

Panasonic HDC-SD707

I have already cut videos with Premiere, which have been made in recording mode 1080/50i 17 Mpbs.

Now I have sometimes made with the 50p but my calculator is not simply grabs.

- Does anyone have a tip for a tool how can I efficiently runterrechnen the files as a batch.

- Or perhaps someone has tips how Premiere can set so that one can cut it.

Thank you before for your help!


Antwort von DoBBy:

I can help you with your problem unfortunately limited, but I just saw that you have the Panasonic HDC-SD-707 has.

I want to buy this camcorder synonymous. As many feel, but the built-in fan to be too loud and you can hear him apparently on the recordings. Is it synonymous with you the case? Do you find the fan synonymous annoying loud, or you can really hear him on the recordings in a quiet room?
Would be important to me, if you could give me any information.

To your problem:
To my knowledge (I had the cam still never mean, but having read it) you can transfer and conversion done only with the supplied Panasonic program. 'm Not 100% sure. Try with it ...


Antwort von Sidewinder:


the transfer went so ...

When I was not the 1080/50p mode activated, I have just the. Rübergezogen mts files and everything went great!

That was then 1080/50i!

When processing. Mts at 50p I'm just not enough performance s.Calculator.

The fan has not disturbed me so far but do not put much emphasis on doing more when audio event videos where it is loud anyway. And almost always put on it later, instead of Music soundtrack.


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