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Frage von videovoid:

S.Material I'm working in Final Cut Pro with 1080i resolution. The material has 6-channel sound synonymous. My question would be s.die Experts: How do I export the final result as Quicktime or similar, so synonymous of 6-channel (s.Calculator) can be reproduced?
Thank you in advance ever.


Antwort von Axel:

With Compressor (only seen: Exports as Dolby Surround). To mix a surround sound of course, first you must ... Send to Soundtrack Pro.
Condition that the actual sound on the calculator in surround is playing, is the presence of a 5.1 card and the appropriate speaker configuration. Otherwise, like in normal movie DVDs, a stereo downmix. Stumbling block: This downmix is in the sound file embedded, the point-one channel (LFE) is deleted, LS and RS are mitigated to mixed L and R and C, depending on the presence of the effects, respectively. It is with a very good monitor judge.

For a Webfilm can, of course 6-channel sound also be embedded (eg AIFF> AAC, as with the QT-trailers), but probably because so many calculator with surround equipment does not exist, I would save me such trouble.

If you want your project on the other hand, only of your calculator or present, I recommend you to DVD Studio Pro with an HD-DVD to the hard drive to write. In the case of HDV, a matter of 5 minutes, because the video DSP did not re-encoded, and for the 5.1 Sound provide you with the finished Compressor preset. Besides control of the cool features of the Apple DVD player a great advantage over the QT player: He deinterlacet reasonable. Even VLC is the "i" material otherwise better than the QTP.


Antwort von videovoid:

Super, thanks.
This presentation should be, ie computer with projector, since Blu-ray on the Mac probably fail. It is possible the whole time running smooth. As quickly as they should be? Is it synonymous NEN Win PC?




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