Infoseite // 1080p24 film neatly on Blu Ray with Encore CS4

Frage von OlafKling:

Hello first, after a long time as a reader of this forum but I finally logged s.verzweifeln because I am. ;-)


Have with the Canon EOS 7D recorded in 1080p24.

Processing with Premiere CS4 as MPEG2 with 1920x1080 24p.
Result: a short film every second of jerky

Then processed 25p: Film not jerky.

But: Can not in Encore in FullHD on Blu Ray to be copied, because the quality settings allow this (not, always jumps back to 1280x720p).

What am I doing wrong?
Where should I convert the format as a Blue Ray PAL with 1080p24 get?

Best regards


Antwort von MM194:


the magic word in this case NTSC. Select NTSC and you can use 1080p24.


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