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Frage von ravenhost:


I would like to establish a Panasonic HDC-SD707EG, I know but with the subsequent processing / playback is not good (and to date I have with miniDV and burn movies on DVD).

Since I no BluRay burner / player and I'm now synonymous not want to, I would like to play the files with a s.Television MM-hard drive directly. The "Classic HD LaCinema" says me too well, so I would be interested if anyone knows if they can play 1080p50 format it.

I have a fairly old laptop, so I like as a processing only (; with the supplied program) the individual files of the camera will be combined into a single and this will copy directly to the MM hard drive (, so no editing or conversion into a other format), or can you not and you have the files in MPEG4 or similar anyway ? Convert Then one would still but definitely a quality loss.

Thank you very much for the help!


Antwort von ollieh:

I have the same camera and edit my movies are s.iMac Premiere Pro CS5 in the Windows world, synonymous for less money, the other Programs that can make it into a MP4 H264 file from playing with all the WDTV Live.
Picture is great and the 1080p50 remain synonymous, may recommend that a lot.


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