Infoseite // 150 + Pinnacle Dazzle 9 +: Can not adjust audio levels!

Frage von wilhelmreich:

I'm just about to dub one with 150 Dazzle old video tapes to.
Three things with which I am not satisfied, two of which are probably systemic, perhaps someone knows the Third Council:

1. The quality seems at first glance to be somewhat worse than Hi8. By some serious Überspielaktion can not therefore be discussed. Whether it is wise to borrow a canopus for ne week? How good is the quality when dubbing to DVD recorder? I am concerned here primarily to a 1:1 transfer. On Menu knick-knacks, or cutting, I can do without you.

2. The data stream is probably transformed immediately into mpeg, a file format which is probably completely inappropriate for an administration. Here, there is probably no way synonymous to want to have the Dazzle an AVI file, right?

3. (now kommts): In the Pinnacle menu once I select the video source. Nice and good. The options for the sound quality, etc. but they are only "gray" are available. ie you can set nothing more.

When "Recording" then it is synonymous, so that while I tab "Sound" (which can fold out, etc.) to the right, but not there to see except for two level meters to adjust and there is nothing.

Question: Is this normal? Or did I miss the "ordinary consumer" again eh?

A "quiet" before the recording de-mpg increase in volume would be required SOMETHING probably not too much.

All data are on the way, Dazzle box itself, that is not on Sounkarte. The line-out of the camera (Sony? 800) are therefore associated with the Dazzle.

So much for today and thank you for all hints and advice!
Greetings from Munich
Wilhelm Reich


Antwort von Markus:

Hi William,

regarding the quality of Canopuswandler (ADVC-55, -110 and -300) looking times in the article Canopus purchase. That the Dazzle converter is not that good, I would not expect otherwise. USB converters, which provide only compressed formats (eg MPEG2), I personally think nothing.

Where did you get the quality of digitalisation properly assessed? On Television or s.Computermonitor? To this end, the following info: Problems with the quality after reading

"Wilhelm Reich" wrote: How good is the quality when dubbing to DVD recorder? I am concerned here primarily to a 1:1 transfer.
If you jump of an analog playback devices via an A / D converter would like to connect to a DVD recorder, the quality of the DVD recorder and the predetermined delay time per DVD is also an influence on the achievable image quality. However, here you could do without an A / D converter, as have usually synonymous DVD recorder via analog inputs. Since only the Canopus ADVC-300 with its additional features would be (read: image enhancement) is appropriate.


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