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Frage von ue:

I can do with my camera 16:9 recordings!
Unfortunately my camera is not designed for true 16:9.
Is it enough to set only at the TMPGEnc encode to 16:9, or should I even set during capture in Sclive 16:9?

Thanks for the help!



Antwort von Peter S.:

If the camcorder can record not a true 16:9, one should apply the so-called "Movies" mode or as he is otherwise called, do not. Are inserted only black bars above and below, and the available Resolutionverringert. When capturing or conversion must be placed on Seitenverhältniss 4:3, or else be "egg heads" expected.
MFG Peter


Antwort von UE:

Thanks for your answer!


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Uwe,

more information about the technical background you will find in the article "Konvertieren of 16:9 in 4:3 Format oder umgekehrt"(and the links given there).


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