Infoseite // 16:9 TFT Monitor for Canon XL 1 / 2 models

Frage von Addur:

Do me now has a large monitor s.der XL1 attached.
The power I have with a battery of an electric golf caddy done.
If I use the camera on a crane set, do I renew the video cable.
Everything is network-independent and therefore completely portable. The Battery for the TFT monitor is approximately 20 hours and it can s.den crane with a counterweight, or tripod to hang s.den belt use for manual camera.

I have the monitor in the "Medicus market" for about 99, - ¬ gekauft. It is designed for installation in a car and who needs 12 volts. All cables are in the process.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Gudde Addur

Looks nice .... look here

I use s.dem monitor the Steadycam a CF of 12V1.5 weighs about half a kilo, is perhaps handier s.Gürtel.

As a Charger, I can only recommend Simprop Intelli devices!


Antwort von Addur:

B. DeKit,

Battery provides the handy of course. I've already the subject and had since then, the first with the thick Battery proceed.

Do you know where I randomly Infrarotferbedienung for the XL1 to buy it? Mine is gone, I lost.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

The name Canon WL-D3000, but I have not had it in my XL. Where you can buy one, I have no idea synonymous.
Should you perhaps have a PDA, there is perhaps somewhere IR codes via PDA and then the thing speaking.

Reports times when you will find what solltest.

Alla what I wish ;-)


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