Infoseite // 16:9 anamorphic video recorded - last half flimmerd

Frage von Frank9857:


an anticipated - have never previously worked with real 16:9 ...

In the post I noticed that always the last half shrugs ... synonymous already have a lot of settings but s.flimmern of the last half image has not changed.

Is it perhaps even normal?
Swallowed the last of the television flickering or twitching half car ...?

Questions about questions ...

Already many thanks in advance for your answers!

Schoene Gruesse,



Antwort von Markus:

"Frank9857" wrote: In the post I noticed that always the last half shrugs ...
Hi Frank,

I am currently at 16:9 noticed nothing unusual. How can I get this Filmmern / twitching because imagine? What's happening with the picture exactly?


Antwort von beiti:

The question I have ever read two hours ago and did not understand. Now I suddenly haggard, what might not be the last field (which should ever be?), But the last line.

Yes, that's quite often that the screen up or down "jerks". Depends of the image source. At 16:9 TVs disappears twitching in the overscan area. Sometimes, however, to 4:3 TVs with 16:9-switching again. This is currently still synonymous with some DVB-S television stations the case.


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