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Frage von frofilm:


I have made the Internet a "directive" for the export of videos,
which you can then synonymous still good for the Web can take without that
Server is overloaded and the upload takes so long.

This setting is:

Mpeg 4
1500 Data
640x480 VGA
30 frames
Keyframe every 24 frames

roughly ......
only now I have a problem

I guess with my HV20 in HDV, which indeed is 16:9 and if I then export this setting with the warped to 4:3.

There is perhaps a possibility in the setting to 16:9 than to be able to receive or own size.

Please Help me


Antwort von robbie:



Antwort von tommyb:

And also not

30 frames but 25 frames

or did you have a NTSC camera?

Furthermore material deinterlacer.


Antwort von frofilm:


thanks for the reply

that was self everything I've needed .......

deinterlace was clearly self

with the 30 frames I of its American but the Page is still good

while I have,

ic now when my video in HD would like to import (eg, synonymous for WEB Vimeo) then how would the setting be??


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