Infoseite // 16:9 format on PC, Chatting after firing left edge missing u right?

Frage von jangool:


I've already searched through several Internet sites but found nothing to solve the problem of my problem. Following:

16:9 I have made recordings with your camcorder, edit cheer PC (with Ulead Media Studio) and converted to MPEG, in 16:9, of course (I choose, at least in such a way 720 * 576).
Hau I, the MPEG file in Nero or Ulead Video Stduio he shows me the picture in full, synonymous in the menu and burning, etc. As soon as I preview the DVD then watch übern Television missing left and right determined by the Picture 3-4 cm (habs synonymous sampled in each image representation of Television, always the same).
I've already tried everything in Nero which I find on the internet can: with and without encoding, with internal adjustment 4:3, 16:9 and auto, everything has changed.

Oh yes: I put the DVD into the PC, there's no problem ... Since then the whole picture there.

Someone a tip? Would be great, thanks!


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: Someone a tip?

- Overscan>>


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