Infoseite // 16:9-format switches arbitrarily between 16:9 and 4:3

Frage von stef08:


can someone help me,
never in my book and training manual found nothing and needed urgent help because synonymous on the Google search has nothing to do .....

my problem is when I am in Premiere (Cs3) the picture changes,

(time line and selected in the preview window, drag and push)

I have in the normal HDV Project ausschnitt 16:09
if I do, however, jumps off the format of funny about 16:9 to 4:3 what do I know where ...

I get it alone, just not out as the Project ausszuspielen as it shows me the preview,

and would be very grateful if anyone has experience or at least ne idea

Many greetings
And thanks in advance

* Ann

Edit from Mod: header rewriting. The text "Help! Image in the preview and output are not the same ...." was directly s.die Overscan issue think.


Antwort von Maik:

What changes as the Picture?

When playing s.heimischen DVD player / TV?
Possibly. is at your TV the automatic format detection is switched on
and detects no clear signal format. Solution -> manual format,

Or is the problem even before the finished DVD?



Antwort von AnnS:

when the Project was already off the Windows media player.
one sees the whole picture at the premiere window on the 16:9 ausschnitt beyond

actually should not happen .... just do not know what you can do ...

* many greetings



Antwort von stef08:

- Precisely during the intake changes the format

one sees during the recording when the auspielen eg Media Player or VLC a jumper,
forming the top or bottom docked.

quasi-one sees the pictures as they were withdrawn,
not the premiere choice.

normally should be off the program so what you in the selection window .... does not it?

* lg



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