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Frage von wadik:

hey have a problem and although
I have a movie trailer created in 1920x1080 and now I would like on an LCD synonymous run but my dvd player list only videos with a resolution of 720x576 which means I must be a pixel ratio of 1.4444 or so it so it stays in 16:9 However, he makes me the only one DVD in mpeg, but need it in Xvid or Divx and staucht because he is always full! Please help to people is really important.


Antwort von JoeFX:

I hope it is understood to have put so I'll go.

if you have a movie in 16:9, DivX, but on the whole is stretched 4:3 but s.der Resolutionvon 720x576. A 16:9 picture in a 4:3 resolution is usually stretched to 4:3 (of different player to player, I speak of software players).

-Try with an export of 720x405. The resolution is 16:9. Perhaps klappts then.
-Or you exportierst the film in 4:3 at 720x576, but with bars above and below

I hope I have addressed what was meant;)



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