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16:9 mit Sony PC101 - Qualität und Technik??? !!!! BITTE UM HILFE !!!!

16:9 with SonyPC101 - quality and technology?? !! PLEASE FOR HELP!!

Frage von BjörnT:
Oktober 2005

Hi Folks,

My camera is a SonyPC101. I would love to shoot a short film in 16:9, my camera has a 16:9 function. The display of my camera is displayed after the activation of the 16:9 mode, black bars above and below, just as there is certainly synonymous normal. When I Sclive with the video on the PC via firewire as DV-AVI capture, I have a true widescreen playback with PowerDVD example, in Media Player I have a zusammengestauchtes Picture of right and left to the top and bottom.
My question is, what should I think of the results qualitatively, it is true that my camera no black stripes on the Picture sets. If the full Resolutionvon still used 720x576 for the visible picture, or is it reduces image quality and I give away? What makes the picture with my camera to, can someone tell me the short and possibly in short supply?

Have been synonymous times requested at Sony Germany, whose response was to me a bit too tight:

You can record and replay and 16:9. It is however not a true 16:9 special a modified 4:3.

Sony Germany GmbH

Thank you for your answers!


PS've already read almost all posts in this forum relating to, but I am unfortunately not really become smart. So sorry, I begin with the issue again.

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

On cameras with quality and price class as the PC 101 should be the only picture with a black stripe top and fitted bottom. The Resolutionist So technically equal to (720/576) and is less visible when schwrze beams rather than Resolutionrechnet ;-)

Only more expensive DV cameras use compression to accommodate a more horizontal Resolutionin the storable 720 pixels. You have a quality win. The problem with DV is always the fixed bandwidth, so we can accommodate not just more pixels. (For example, synonymous with images on tape; synonymous here is the DV-standard!)

With your camera, I would shoot in 4:3 and then when it really should look after film, drüberlegen in the corresponding post-masker. One can of course, to the LCD (course record with an angry display protection), appropriate guidelines.

Antwort von BjörnT:

"Kiara Borini" wrote:
On cameras with quality and price class as the PC 101 should be the only picture with a black stripe top and fitted bottom. The Resolutionist So technically equal to (720/576) and is less visible when schwrze beams rather than Resolutionrechnet ;-)

Thanks for your quick response that is not in my camera to the professional equipment, I understand. But I am surprised that the recording s.PC the black bars above and below will not be included with, but a completely normal 16:9 widescreen. What makes my camera as well? When the DV-Avi play in PowerDVD I have a 16:9 wide-screen without (!) Black stripes, in Media Player I have a distorted 4:3 picture without (!) Black stripes.

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

I think that only a header is set, indicating the top and bottom of the stream, there is an offset. If the program's header correctly interpreted, then added to the ith beam, otherwise the picture is distorted.

I would consider the distorted representation of a program error or an incorrect setting.

And that was with cheap camera is not meant to be derogatory ;-) My PC 100 has, as they came out really cost much money, and can not synonymous ... - I would have time to buy even more XL1 Money is one which would have not been able to synonymous, but would not be fit in my pocket. Sometimes it's synonymous a priceless advantage, a camera is always with you to be able to.

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Björn,

There are two possibilities, 16:9 record: As a letterbox, that is 4:3 with black bars or anamorpisch, ie as a true widescreen. But what format your camcorder records? In the descriptions below you will find it out easily ...

Thus letterbox looks like:
A 4:3-picture with black bars. It measures 720 × 576 pixels, using a portion of the pixels for the black bars. Capture One software recognizes as a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Thus, an anamorphic widescreen looks like:
A 16:9 picture is also composed of 720 × 576 pixels, but this has actually synonymous with each pixel a picture information. When capturing a wide screen is detected. As video pixels are Computerpixeln as opposed to rectangular, can be a player if he does not correct the pixel aspect ratio, which represent a distorted picture. The same happened, although synonymous with 4:3-images, but since it falls on not so strong.

More Info:
4:3 or 5:4

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