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16mm/35mm Filmlook mit kleinem Budget erzeugen

16mm/35mm film look with a small budget to create

Frage von Wolfpeter-Hans-Dieter:
März 2007

Halli Hallo,

I've now given a somewhat silly question: is there any possibility of a 16mm/35mm film look without equipment of 50000 ¬ to faken or at least a little bit to look like?

Antwort von Chezus:

The question is not stupid, it was just damned often asked and answered just as often.

Just google and enter film look

Antwort von allesgutevnn:

You do not need 50k Euro - 7000 range (HVX200 in conjunction with a Redrock M2 and Nikon Lens). Or you take the DVX, you then come with adapter to about 5k euros (then without 16:9).

Completely without any budget, perhaps even with a 1-chip DV camera it's difficult, still synonymous with the question is, look what you actually mean. The depth of focus like a film camera you get with above adapter approximate out (of course synonymous not 100%). It depends, however, much of the Lighting s.and this is again an issue for themselves.

Look at the examples from times: http://www.redrockmicro.com/samples.html - it is often in what Cam was used. The adapter alone does not yet of course these cool pictures - it's just the lighting that makes a lot.


Antwort von Wolfpeter-Hans-Dieter:

So this should s.allerbesten look like:

So as I create a new grad Cam would've bought ¬ 5000 now but a bit much. Give it not the possibility of some old 8mm cam to buy, for example: http://cgi.ebay.de/Alte-Bolex-paillard-8mm-Camera-Schweiz-kopl-3-Objektive_W0QQitemZ330102693166QQcategoryZ4701QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
? Such could be synonymous but a slight film look to create, right?

Antwort von Wolfpeter-Hans-Dieter:

Shit that is with the links does not work so right! http://cgi.ebay.de/Alte-Bolex-paillard-8mm-Camera-Schweiz-kopl-3-Objektive_W0QQitemZ330102693166QQcategoryZ4701QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Now they are there!

Antwort von allesgutevnn:

You asked so how can you emulate - if you look at a real film camera buy, you need nothing emulate only has an 8 mm camera just not the look of a 35mm Camera and comes's actually always (look and feel like in movies :-)).

But I have no idea if you like of the main camera which is good, but if I "real movie" listen, I see the problems with the closing date (yes you want the digital process, so must somehow yes to the format to be transferred) , materials (like at 8 mm maybe go) and what's with the sound off?
So for me it would be nothing - is too complicated and does not synonymous just like to 35 mm rotated.

The only way I've found very convincing, is exactly a 35mm adapter that is just not there for all cameras.
Otherwise, only creative tricks (fog or darkness in the background synonymous cause a reduction in the depth of focus).
With Skater Videos brings you something only very little.

Antwort von Wolfpeter-Hans-Dieter:

Yes well, then I expressed myself wrong. So this is just so in style as in the youtube link. Sound is not really important and if so then it must be synonymous not be particularly good.
Such a 35mm adapter would be an idea, I just do not Cam in 24p can absorb and then again I've seen the depth of field.
Actually, the doll is now synonymous not professionally, that is just my hobby to film. Perhaps one knows something about the 8mm on eBay?

Antwort von Axel:

Narrow 8mm film should have a greater depth than DV, so lean advantage here as the 24 frames to name but a few. Full (whether 24 or 25 is completely irrelevant) generierst you know, by using the simplest kind deinterlaced. The YouTube clip is certainly no adapter included, simply with a long focal by Tripod from. Fortunately, a good look of many factors, not least of good composition and careful lighting.

Antwort von allesgutevnn:

I am looking straight synonymous after a 35mm adapter. As I'm such a reflex camera objectivey've kept my lens, I noticed that I only very near sharp objects could make. Is that with such a different adapter? And where can you buy? The internet can I find blos porcine expensive of an American dealer. I Baruch synonymous only to the attachment for the lens, which I've already Lenses.

Antwort von esel110:

What does porcine expensive?

Times I say this: in Dt. I know only the power of P + S (http://www.pstechnik.de/en/digitalfilm-mini35.php) and the pig is really expensive.

Alternatives would be:

Redrock M2 (http://www.redrockmicro.com/micro35.html)
Brevis35 (http://www.cinevate.com/index.php?page=products)
SGPro (http://www.sgpro.co.uk/pages/home/homeframeset.html)

Under http://www.35mm-adapter.de/index.php?page=main&title=35mm-Adapters there's still other attempts, but what's really good for what, what it costs and where it herbekommt remains your Suchkreativität leave.

All the above cost roughly similar: between $ 800 and $ 1195 (when M2 is but the kit - the adapter alone costs around $ 550, just nothing good).
You can continue the systems often do not fit s.jede Camera: Panasonic DV or HX or larger cameras with 1 / 3 inch chips are s.Besten work or even a prerequisite.

Simply a 35 mm Lens screw it does not - the adapter is a bit complicated to set up the desired effect to achieve (yes there is a rotating disc inside).

Slashcam had a Page synonymous with a beautiful Comparison posted - as were the 3 most common are described with pictures (search for Redrock times after, then you come to the article).

All in all, you'll be under $ 1000 to get away and not whether the U.S. dne sit or not, but no preference - the supply synonymous after Dt. and thanks to the strong euro is synonymous's not more expensive (but still comes to the import VAT. drauf).

Antwort von Wolfpeter-Hans-Dieter:

Thanks for the link to the home-page! There were at least synonymous times Cams adapter for which I have synonymous. My problem with such an adapter (that is now no self) is always synonymous that it never gives a Cam I hab. Or is it? Do you know any 35mm adapter for the vx1000, vx2100 or GS320 (:-))?

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