Infoseite // 18fps with 25fps mix in the project, such as return to maintain 18fps?

Frage von der_demonstrant:

please help, I will in vegas 8 a mix of fake 8mm footage (pre-rendered at 18fps and back into the project included) with normal pal 25fps footage mix project in one and this subsequently as the low-render the effect with 18fps in fake 8mm footage maintained and remains in the other clips are 25fps, since you can specify the render unkompressed dv-pal 25fps. as one proceeds to the different frame rates to maintain the clips to the render?

would be grateful for any help.



Antwort von Marco:

You can disable right-click on the 18fps clips resampling and then render after 25 fps.
As Good as It would have been then you would have the 18fps material converted to 12.5 fps, because the better within the final 25 fps material. You would not need to pre-render to synonymous, but would have to change the property only by a right click option need.



Antwort von der_demonstrant:

many thanks for the quick response, I've really helped .... works just fine


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