Infoseite // 2 Music Videos

Frage von JulianX4:

Hello everybody,

I dare synonymous talk two small "projects".
Both are music videos that I made with a boyfriend. He makes the music and we both together the videos.

Both absolutely no cost (which is probably synonymous) provides. There were no costs in addition to the equipment and time.

It is certainly something trashy, what is intended in part, is, however, has partially revealed simply synonymous.

The first video has cost approximately 10 hours and again rotary work cut almost as much work.

The second video yesterday Originated clock in the afternoon between 2 and 11 clock evening complete. (The blue screen against which we have been rotated, a blue sheet)

I'm curious times, whether we like someone. ;)



Antwort von Debonnaire:

Hmmm ... you do not want my answer! If you do not believe this, ask around here in the forum. ;-)

Oops, I have now answered BUT??


Antwort von JulianX4:

Oh go on. I accept all criticism;) (I have thus far leaned out the window?)


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"JulianX4" wrote: Oh go on. I accept all criticism;) (I have thus far leaned out the window?)
Yep! Ask in the forum! ;-)


Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

Dreadful in every respect.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Marc Ballhaus" wrote: Dreadful in every respect.
What now? The videos or my potential comments, if I decide, but still get started?! ;-)


Antwort von Bertholt4:

Music for the images fit well! Concept is synonymous good - because there are so a Berliner, with a similar style makes his money. Name one right now can not.

Have only the second video looked up to half ...


Antwort von JulianX4:

To have to exercise some self s.den Videos:

The color is not good. It's just the way it came with the partially incorrect White Balance from the Camera.

The Lighting is partly modesty, as nothing s.der Lighting was conceived.

There is no story, at least not thought out.

Cuts are given to the Music, however, are not thought through the successive settings.

The Blue Screen shots are exempted bad.

Just trash;)

Despite everything, I think the videos are not bad and I'm frankly a little pride synonymous. Mainly for me is to use exercise to deal with the camera and the editing program.

However, I have before, to turn a somewhat synonymous demanding music video / short film in which all aspects are considered.

So, prepare yourselves, that's more to come.

(I would have been synonymous genuinely surprised when Marc Ballhaus would have loved it)


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