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Frage von tsona:


I have a problem with my DVB-T TV HVR 1100 card of Hauppauge!
Undzwar causes strangely start the WinTV application 2000 or WinTV 32, that the screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels on a very low resolution (less than 800x600) is set, then I am quite normal tv, but no longer stop working in parallel s.PC! When Close the application, the resolution re back!
I do not know whether the following data to resolve the problem are necessary, but they still write to:

I have a graphics card of ATI, namely the new Radeon1300 pro and motherboard of MSI, synonymous namely the newly K9NG Neo-F with nvidia chipset!

The latest drivers I've installed has been synonymous not synonymous brought!
When you try s.den settings, I could make the resolution was not changed, however, was the CPU utilization 100% (and at 2x 512 DDR2 memory of Infineon) and Picture and Sound ran very slow and it was nothing more s.PC make!

Please help me!

Greetings Soner


Antwort von BuddyLove:


Have an older Hauppauge card, but for me there are
Menu -> Configuration -> Settings
tab on the TV mode, a check mark for "resolution change".

That is probably your problem.



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