Infoseite // 20fps intersect with Premiere Pro?

Frage von drlumiere:

Hello all together!

I would like the video clips which I with my camera (Canon Powershot A590 IS) have done with Premiere Pro intersect.
Problem: The clips have the file extension. Avi, but only 20fps (Resolution640x480). In the Voreinstellugen are 20fps but not foreseen. Faehlt me some plugin or codec? Eifach Or does it not?

I am anything but a professional and am grateful for any hint.


Antwort von Jörg:

Since you do not to the version of APP message here is a general tip:
New Project-> Customize-> Desktop.
Here you select your settings.


Antwort von drlumiere:

This is the version 3.2.0.
Just in terms of settings you described, there is 15fps or 23.976 fps but not 20fps.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Then the file via puste AVS script on ..., but this requires some training. Use Google to see it to learn.


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