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Final Cut Express 3.5 / iMovie HD

3.5 Final Cut Express / iMovie HD

Frage von Ailton:
November 2006

I've got a new MacBook (2 GHz, 2 GB RAM) and do so occasionally small snippets of film that I with my camcorder (SonyDCR-HC30E) was recorded. All have so far only small Periods of football, parties or holiday times a small film. For capturing, cutting and editing the whole at the moment I'm using iMovie HD and iDVD for DVD authoring. Now my rights, what the processing (color correction, etc.) and dubbing are something I've risen and I now consider to Final Cut Express 3.5 switch. I plan initially no HD material to be cut, so I'm going assume that my hardware is sufficient. My question now is: Is the change of iMovie HD to FCE 3.5 and how big is the learning curve when switching? Is the advantage of FCE compared to iMovie for just 200 euro worth?

Antwort von Axel:

1. Your hardware is sufficient for HDV synonymous if synonymous with little reserves.
2. The difference of iMovie to FCE are ¬ 200 (300 actually, is not it?), But whether it can work properly or not.
3. One of the Books of FinalCut Andreas Zerr from the Galileo Verlag is a good supplementary information (almost no preference version is almost the same everywhere in it). The program is extremely logical that I think it very easy to learn. Once a beginning is clear that he only s.einer graphical user interface to manage the playback order of time code is, the penny falls, and nothing is more impossible. The Basics I could explain to you synonymous s.Telefon.

Once you envied consider the timeline of your own life rather synonymous to entrust such a program, it is unfortunately synonymous iDVD reputation in your sink. Until now every thing.

Antwort von PowerMac:

The hardware synonymous loose enough for HDV. Do you have ne idea how quickly a 2 GHz Core Duo is? And ne idea how well optimized for Final Cut?
On something I do some uncompressed video, HDV and DVC PRO HD.

I would say synonymous, Final Cut Express is good for you. Great program, lots of features, relatively cheap. Also you'll love soundtrack, super to noise, and apply effects to the dubbing. Even that one with a click back to any version can. (And better than those of Alpha verbuggte called Adobe Soundbooth.) You have to sometimes just one step forward and is well suited FCE. Hard to learn, it is not synonymous. Intuitively, actually. And soon is Christmas.

(BTW you're a reasonably good example of an Asker. Because thou canst German, strigent ask and you have previously informed, at least.)

Antwort von prem:

Previously I had something the Forum in a topic, and be trimmed on the Apple website gives quite good introduction videos, so I am naturally somewhat informed. Quite unbeleckt in the theme I'm editing DV are not synonymous, times had two semesters DV Editing / recording during my computer science studies and have some time with a solution of nearly worked. Long ago, but the knowledge is still there and the desire synonymous now that I finally have reasonably fast notebook. A demo of Apple, it seems not to give, but perhaps someone knows of you a dealer from Hamburg / Lübeck, where you live times the software can see. The EUR 200 (Edu version, as yet ;-) student should be so well spent.

Antwort von Engywuck:

Did the same device and I consider synonymous the purchase of Final Cut Express. In the requirements of what is an AGP graphics card.
Is that met in the Macbook? How well does the program without their own graphics memory? Has anyone here experience?

Is synonymous possibly a 3.0-version of eBay, or does the version 3.5 much faster and better results?

Thank you and good day,


Antwort von PowerMac:

On Intel Macs is just the latest version!

Antwort von Engywuck:

Does this mean that everyone who is now switching over to Intel's old version in the 3.0 tonne and can occur for several hundred dollars to buy the entire 3.5 to?

Refresh then yes he can not because he is not the 3.0 to get the calculator? Have I understood the rictig or how does it exactly with the upgrade from?

It could vllt. sowas:
Of the 3.5 Upgrade CD to install on Intel and by entering a 3.0-serial "unlock". How is this resolved?

Many greetings,

Antwort von PowerMac:

On the Upgrade DVD, "is of course a full version.
"Upgrade" is limited to that one for a little money (100 euros) a new version is 3.5. You just need to show Final Cut Express 1, 2 or 3 to hold.

Antwort von looom:

hello ...

how is this now? running Final Cut Express HD synonymous to MacBook (pro) s?

thanks for the reply,


Antwort von PowerMac:

Yes, if it is version 3.5 act.

Antwort von Erik:

Hello, I have a similar problem. I have Final Cut 4.5 HD and a MacBook with Intelcoreduo Processor. Now after installing final cut tells me that I no AGP graphics card has, the program does not work on a MacBook?

Thanks for any answers in advance.

Antwort von PowerMac:

The program (Final Cut Pro HD 4.5) is over two years old and for PPC Macs. You have an Intel Mac. Does not. And if it somehow but would, it would be deuced slowly. Ergo: Final Cut Pro 5.1 buy or upgrade. Or Final Cut Pro 6 wait.

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