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3 Stunden Film für DVD komprimieren

3 hours for DVD movie compress

Frage von eturu:
Oktober 2005

I have a movie cut of a total of approximately 190 min doubling time. I want to play the movie with DVD Studio Pro to a DVD. Compressor and the lowest bit rate of 2.0 Mbits I get out of 174 minutes. But enough nichtt entirely. Gibts another parameter besides sound quality with which one can reduce the space? Or is it a good idea the whole thing on a DVD-9 to play?

Antwort von chrisgau:

For three hours I would love the quality on two DVD-5 or (more expensive), a DVD-dodge 9th I think it's a problem once every 90min. to change a wheel. The new edition of "Titanic" as is with its length of approximately 3 h on two (!) DVD-9 distributed. So ... prefer to rely on quality.


Antwort von mdb:

190 minutes to 4.38 gigabytes of audio with 192 kb / s there for me a bitrate of 3000kB / s. While not doll, but with VBR which could be viewable.

Antwort von jens:

Synonymous klitzklitzekleines If a little bit to the encoder in case ;-)
However, I would be able to burn two DVDs.
Regards, Jens

Antwort von floor:

Then I would avoid synonymous on 2 DVDs. No matter what encoder you use, that will look like S *******. ggerade in movement.

Antwort von jens:

I give you right of course. However, I think it makes a difference whether I, for example, the whole thing with the Procoder or know-what-I-sonstwas walk-Ligos encoder.
At 3 hours of synonymous Procoder can hardly conjure up
Seaman's medical ;-),

Antwort von mdb:

"jens" wrote:

At 3 hours of synonymous Procoder can hardly conjure up

Occurs naturally on the starting material. At the moment I prefer 4 episodes each Großstadtrevier analogy of the Astra on a Panasonic DMR-E500 to a DVD, because it becomes obvious the compression, but it is still quite decent. My old (about 1990) with Procoder and VHS will be burned to DVD VBR as 4 hours without going to the relevant difference (although synonymous modest) source material.

In the rolling of the material I grab synonymous but not more than 75 minutes on a DVD.

Antwort von Nightfly!:

With VBR Procoder a challenge but doable. The image quality is not on IR) material in the basement (in VHS.

So for better spreading DV on 2 DVDs.
For VHS or similar, I would risk it.

Maybe you'll get away for a few minutes! At 180 minutes you already had a bit rate of around 3400kb / s audio, less so in keeping more than 3200kb / s for the video track.


Antwort von Markus:

Hello "eturu"

it looks like the material to be compressed? If it is as 16:9 letterbox, then can the data rate for the same image quality (in Comparison to turn full screen 4:3-low). Is it a standing attitude, for example, of a rehearsal, and move only the actors, the data rate of acceptable quality will be reduced next. The sound could be saved such as Dolby Digital 2.0 with 192 kbps, which saves compared to the uncompressed LPCM also a lot of space.

Overall, it will be very tight. My longest Project (theatrical) ran approximately 140 minutes on one DVD-5. Next I would not want to full screen with one 4:3-ausreizen.

Antwort von silentzero:

Please what is a DVD-5 or 9?

Antwort von jens:

"silentzero" wrote:
Please what is a DVD-5 or 9?

Hey Silentzero,
small note

Antwort von eturu:

Hi All,
Thanks for all the quick reply. Since it is very important that all the clips onto a DVD, I'm going to try it anyway. If there is a DVD-9 does not Kompalibitätsprobleme with the players there (anyone here knows?) I will use. Otherwise, I put the sound down if I did not look yet min 10th can be reduced.

Antwort von jens:

Well, first time, the question arises whether you have a burner, Double Layer (2 layers can burn) DVDs (if so, excuse the question ;-).
Furthermore, it is just to ensure compatibility with older DVD players not the very best. A higher you will always reach a DVD-5 with. But try 's it a try.

Antwort von silentzero:

"jens" wrote:
"silentzero" wrote:
Please what is a DVD-5 or 9?

Hey Silentzero,
small note

Since the DVD-5 is rarely used or sold is called the DVD-9. But I've seen until now, only DVD-5 (4.7 GB). Where can one buy DVD-9? And you can burn a normal PC with the burner?

Antwort von jens:

Silent Hi ...
This refers to squeeze Purchase / Lend-DVDs, for example, the film industry can.
As a consumer you can burn double-layer DVDs. But for that you need an appropriate burner. If yours is of recent origin (eg) from this year, he probably can burn double layer DVDs. Only these are more expensive than DVD-5 and they offer less compatibility.
What is "PC-RW" (;-) do you have?

Antwort von silentzero:

I do not think that I can burn those. Maybe you can tell me. The burner is _NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A. The is about 1 1 / 2 years old.

Antwort von chrisgau:

"silentzero" wrote:
Maybe you can tell me.

A quick look on Google reveals the following:

Antwort von WeiZen:

try it this way:
Take the maximum DVD data rate and create you a DVD, structured on the hard drive. Upload you this
http://forum.gleitz.info/attachment.php?attachmentid=69639 down.
This is the DVDShrink version, not umgegeht the copy protection.
This software "evaporated" the DVD 4.36 Gb. Choose this deep analysis. Would look better than an MPEG encoder with low bit rate. Video8 a recording of 154 minutes seen with the Procoder Express is not bad.
Alternatively, offers itself nor a DVD with other specifications.
Choose instead of 720x576 or 480x576 for something quite as long to create MPEG1 (DVD Long). That's enough for six hours. The Procoder Express delivers as MPEG1 an amazing quality for VHS or Video8/Hi8 easily used. I could not tell whether it is DV or analog video with you. Even a Avisynth Sricpt for denoising can help. Noise is interpreted as movement of the encoders. Thus, a lot of wasted bit rate of the few to represent the noise. If the noise is removed, another idea more on a DVD, or the bit rate can be higher.

Antwort von derrettig:

@ Just nightfly-anders rum in my opinion: DV can be compressed much better than VHS, namely, how it roars Say and the "eats" data rate than ever before!

Antwort von derrettig:

I just with CCE Basic 4 pass VBR 2900kbps yet been achieved with a first-Picture. However, interviews with DVCPro50 from Tripod. Well, good conditions for Mpeg ...

Antwort von Nightfly!:

"Derrett" wrote:
@ Just nightfly-anders rum in my opinion: DV can be compressed much better than VHS, namely, how it roars Say and the "eats" data rate than ever before!

@ Derrett
Schon klar! ;-) I compress my DVD quality video as well until I have VHS. * lol *

What I said above was:
To get good quality for moving images from a computer to fetch material you do not save with the data rate and thus plan to two DVDs.

With VHS material, the starting material is not so good, so my means of a blur, and subsequent conversion to A DVD is not much s.Qualität (at least not lose visible!)

This is synonymous to good encoder like cce and ProCoder, which is not synonymous with creating the data rate for a SVCD (SAY nearly 2900 kbps to 2600 / / XSVCD way to 5000) to make a DVD-quality competition.


Antwort von Pit:

A question here involved s.alle (out of a start!):

Would this bring a change to DivX format what?

DivX have not tried it yet, but would make himself happy, because I own a DivX-capable player.
Greeting Pit.

Antwort von StefanS:

DivX k ö in fact nnte bring something. Then add the question is whether the author also has a DivX-compatible player. The next question would be whether the recipients of his copies, it will give, also have a DivX-enabled player. As it stands with the Komatibilität for DivX-compatible players? etc. etc.

Nevertheless, the question is not unjustified. For superior to his own use, certainly too. I would then save in any case a not yet encoded in MPEG2 and / or MPEG4 (DivX) movie in the best possible quality somewhere (eg on DV tape)


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