Infoseite // 3 videos synchronously Via 3 beamer play?

Frage von schneekatze:

maybe someone can give me help, I would like 3 videos synchronously running Via 3 beamer play. because I do not s.dvd player wishes to make, there would be a possibility, the movies s.einem harddisk player (or 3 synchronously switched harddisk player?) or s.einem computer with 3 (?) video cards and 3 video outputs to play? and how the various switch devices synchronously? who has experience ...? am a little overwhelmed and would be very grateful for helpful tips!


Antwort von tommyb:

1x Computer with a VGA output
1x 4-fach VGA distributor (costs around 60, -)
1x 5m cable for [computer] -> [vga-splitter]
3x 15m cable for [vga-splitter] -> [beamer]

and ready!

What is important is the cable length. There should be no difference between 15m and 10m noticed, but it would be of benefit however, if the cables are all equal in length.

PS: Wrong forum.


Antwort von schneekatze:

thommyb prefer,
thank you, but there are 3 different movies ... Danna uch is the case? and what would be dannd s.richtige forum?


Antwort von tommyb:

Nah, I was in the wrong division Slashcam forum.

Hardware would certainly have been better - just wait until one of the mods will move your contribution.

So, back to the question:
You need rather a splitter, as here:

You look at the graph:
Bottom right.

But we should have this device, the three videos side by side and lay render and then play. Simple, but expensive.

How synchronously because the videos have to be? Would a difference of less than 0.5 seconds still be ok? Then I would take three PCs and three people on the same date on which mouse button to play.

The Video Wall is in any case what you want is only the question as part of the price and the hardware (which, unfortunately, no other fast Splitter for Video Walls found).


Antwort von klaas:

but if I understand it correctly, there are 3 videos that s.besten of a source (pc) and come in 3 beamers be ...
the only graphics cards with a triple head support and I know are the Matrox Parhelia ... then you should be one beamer s.einen the outputs of grkaks connect, then it would be interesting to know whether a program is evt , with which applications a particular assigned to the screen, I even run dual screen, but have not yet found something, or do not know where, did, however, synonymous ne nvidia card ...
hmhm how to dinger however still synonymous then every 3 synchronously starts is another ne frage ... vllt just before the first video 5 sec black screen hang, then the 2nd with 3 sec. which, therefore, 2 seconds after the first run and the third is running normal then los ...
However, a software solution, ie a player, the 3 different video source and then play on different outgoing routes I have not come under ...

who incidentally infos on how to write certain programs can assign a screen, so when a dual-screen nvidia card, you can feel free synonymous Report ... I think that there Iwo under nView settings is possible, but I have found nothing. ..

gruß, klaas.


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