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4 x Capture auf einem PC ??

4 x Capture on a PC?

Frage von Micar:
September 2005

Hallo erstmal,

I'm looking for a way to capture streams classified 4 applications.

Something hard to explain.

I have a video splitter makes a S / VHS signal up to 6th But I would like then for 4 szb 4 TV-cards. On the PC, I would like now:

Application 1, the signal (eg via WDM Drivers) of assigning map 1,
Application 2, the signal (eg via WDM Drivers) of assigning map 2,
Application 3, the signal (eg via WDM Drivers) of assigning map 3,
Application 4, the signal (eg via WDM Drivers) of assigning map 4th

And the whole is now synonymous * g *. run ne

Zz I'm here to play what cards you can ever fit together. Have 3 Haupauge cards had run to get together but only on a map a clean picture.

Perhaps there is a pure capture cards support sowas

I'm grateful for any suggestion ...


Antwort von GhostDog:

Do I understand correctly that you want) with 4 TV cards simultaneously record a Calculator capture (? I would venture very very very doubtful that one with "progresses standard" computers there. Could be a problem later than the hard drive (s) that indeed the quadruple of the data store would zeitktritisch (it greets the Frameloss) ... . Except then have 4 instances running simultaneously so synonymous of Capture Software. BTW how much is it really the CPU utilization when you only captures a stream? Also would have to be about even with 4 multiply.
I really surprise me let's see if there's another forum about your problem of occupants positive statements, but I can not imagine it to me to be honest.

Antwort von micar:

Alkso the whole thing is an implementation for a live-support.

I have a webcam .. The splitter is connected s.den multiplied and the webcam.

I now have more than one client's (client software of the Web pages on this support is offered) to process the stream via WDM.

Currently, the solution that I have only one stream (on WinTV) those with a screen-capture software (Camtasia again) and pass on copy s.The other applications. Camtasia has put the possibility the software side a WDM drivers available to distribute to the stream. But I would rather have 1 card for each application.

Saved to nothing, it's all about the client's .. s.liebsten format that would have a video driver in WDM.

The CPU utilization should be little weight to fall into the streams was only to be brought to the screen.

Antwort von micar:

Hmm, I see my own text nixht * laughs * I try it once with ner grafik .. .
I think that's understandable.

The hardware part is not really a problem .. I had already 3 Hauppauge
cards to run in parallel and placed under WDM could be in any
Select the different client applications, the 3 cards. But
only one had interfered with a clean picture, were the others. : o (

So there must be some way s.Drivers, there are modified BT8x8
Drivers of iulabs, but supports only the commercial version more
TV cards in parallel. I can not figure out how to
Drivers s.diese is that Page seems to "orphaned" (2002).

Camtasia is does with my current solution, the splitting
software side, I only have a capture card in the PC and grabber
Windows then runs the image area in which the cam.

Camtasia then offers its own WDM drivers of any number of times in the
different applications can be selected. However, this is
All the software side and the Framrate is about 8th

But I want to have around 25 frames * g *

If someone has possibly even a hint where to turn to??

greetings from Berlin;)

Antwort von micar:

Only if someone with similar problems rumschlägt:

TV cards are not suitable for access sowas, man needs to capture real cards. This has indeed synonymous from the video surveillance, however, works only with its own software.

You need to capture cards eg 4 inputs and 4 "processing" channels have. Then each channel as a WDM device can be selected. Most monitoring use a detour and put everything on 1 channel dar.


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